GC & Friends

Session 21-22 (D5&D6) - Dark and Stormy 5-6

In the morning, Mel gives everyone gifts.

Elyza received the Armor of Evergrowing Vines
Nuluara received the Compass of Magical Truth.
Requilin received the Arrow of the Fateful Wind and the Magical Tank Top.
Manni received the Amulet of Whispering Winds and the Spear of Tree Growth.

Everyone received a Potion of Restoring Water.

The party departed for the Rock.

They sail into Rock Peak Bay and see the city in shambles, and the prison camps. They land on the Rock unopposed and enter the castle.

As they cross the castle courtyard. Partway through, two gargoyles swoop down and attack. The group fends them off with minimal drama. The group gets to the door to the main tower and pauses. Elyza regretfully sends Elyza back to the boat and everyone dons slave outfits except Nulaura, who puts on a priest outfit. She then picks the locks and enters.

The group is able to pass the zombies on the first floor because of the disguises.

The second floor is the old council chambers. It is uninhabited, and has been wrecked. The group proceeds to the door to the third floor. It has a sphinx on it, which comes to life when the group tries to go through. They fail to answer the riddles, but Dorin convinces the door to give them one more chance. They succeed on that and are allowed to pass through.

The third floor has an alter to Melora that has been defaced and replaced with one to the Raven Queen. The group wants to destroy it but can’t to preserve their disguises. They move on.

The fourth floor has 12 sets of armor around the edges of the room. Some have magic in them. The door is heavy and iron, but there is a set of twelve buttons in the center. Pressing the right combination will eventually open the doors. Each failed attempt animates one of the suits to fight them. After four tries, they open it and pass to the next floor.

The fifth floor is the first level of the light house area. It is all glass with a more cat walk feel. A loud voice is projected down into the room. Adimeer offers to trade Delmora (Dorin’s daughter) and his entire kingdom for the Solar Stone, which he implies does more than powers the Lighthouse. Dorin refuses, and also doesn’t understand what Adimeer means about the other powers of the Stone. He thinks Adimeer has gone mad with power. After Dorin refuses, a flock of ravens attack. The group beats them off and proceeds to the sixth level.

Delmora is out of one window. Manni and Requilin race to save her. Manni almost kills her with some boneheaded plan, but doesn’t and Requilin saves her. Dorin, Elyza, Nuluara, and eventually Requilin fight Adimeer and are doing pretty well. Adimeer gains some momentuum, but is distracted by a fake Solar Stone conjured by Manni. He is killed, but as he dies he says that they will face the Raven Queen again.

Everyone is reunited and the group is happy.



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