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Session 20 (D4) - Dark and Stormy 4

The group fights four zombie Orges. Dorin is caught whispering "Rising From The Sea, Blessed By Melora. to his trident. It activates a magical property of some kind. He gets fairly hurt in the battle, but all of the zombies orges are killed.

After the battle, the party asks about Dorin’s trident. He explains that its a family heirloom, that according to legend, it was given to his ancestors as a gift. The group accepts that.

The group heads down into the ship. Nuluara hangs back. She gives Dorin the robe from the priest of Melora that she took on East Island. Dorin looks confused, but accepts it as a gift.

The group goes into the first room. It has bunk beds, a stove, and a set of stairs, but there is nothing else of interest in the room.

The group goes down the stairs. The lower deck is one large room. On one wall, there is another series of bunks where the slave/sailors slept. On the other wall, there are five cells large enough for zombie orges. Four have clearly been damaged and busted out of. The fifth is locked and empty. At the end of the room, there are a bunch of boxes. The group each takes a slave outfit and spare shackle.

After that, Requilin flies Dorin back to Captain Emmil’s ship and the rest of the group comes over. They take a rest for the night. In the morning, the group decides to go take a small peak at Small Peak.

Cookie finds a set of Resonant Stones so the group can take one and he can keep one in case there are problems.

The group sails straight to Small Peak, except for one stop at Wawa. This is Wawa territory.

The group arrives at the west side of the island. There are cliffs, so they anchor the ship and Requilin flies them up. Manni, using Matt the Bat, finds the Ravens that are making the noise and following them. He also finds a path.

The group follows the path. It leads them to a small town. It has a City Hall, a temple, a Fantasy Costco that form a square, and a dozen houses. Out of the other side of town, there is a larger dock, and a small building attending to it.

The group investigates all of the buildings. Elyza finds a map of Rock Point. Nuluara found a set of woodworking tools. Everyone in the group found gold.

Manni also found a painting of a regal looking sea dwarf. It resembles Dorin so he confronts Dorin about it. Dorin explains that he is related to the royal family, and he promises to tell the group soon.

Nuluara also finds a painting in the temple. It is of a priest of Melora, but it has been painted over in dark colors and it has written on it, “I renounce Melora. I turn my life and death over to the Raven Queen.” She destroys it, which pleases Dorin.

Elyza finds a log book at the dock. Its most recent entries read:

About 1 week ago

Boat name Ranselle

Pilot: Male Dwarf Graldham Stonefoot
The pilot reported there was trouble on the Rock Point. Not clear what, but he said that in the middle of the night the town gates were blown open, and there were sounds of battle from within the city and from The Rock. He fled immediately. He is planning on resupplying and then going fishing of Temple Isle. He will check out Rock Point on the way back in with his catch.

About 6 days ago

Boat name Dolphin

Pilot: Female Half Elf – Ebhera Waverider
The ship came from Rock Point. She said there is still more trouble. The lighthouse is out, smoke is coming from The Rock. The fighting has spread to the Royal dockyards. She left before it could spread to the commercial docks. Still unclear what’s happening, but it appears like there is a schism in the royal household.

About three day ago

Boat named: Sulona’s

Pilot: Female Human – Sulona Coast

The ship also fled from Rock Point. Things are bad. The violence seems to have stopped on the Rock. The Duke’s flag fell a few days ago.
Several of the navies ships burned at anchor. Two pulled away and two more slowly got out of anchor and pursued. As they left the ran up a flag with a Raven’s Head on it. A whirlpool appeared and sucked in the back ship and front pursuer. The front ship made it out of the harbor and then who knows.
Then there was an attack on the commercial docks. Sulona reports it was a massive stumbling crowd. It moved slow, seemed uncoordinated except a few leaders who chanted prayers and yelled “All Hail The Raven Queen! All Hail The Raven Queen!” She fled into the bay and attempted to watch from there. Many ships were burned, some set sail and made menacing moves so she fled.

The group decides that they have explored the island enough, that Enya was probably on Rock Peak Island and that they should swing by Temple Island and then move on. Dorin wants to skip Temple Island, he is uncomfortable with it, but agrees because everyone else wants to.

They sail for Temple Island. As the approach, they already realize that its a different island. It has sand beaches, and it small, there’s nothing going on except for the giant sand castle. As they land, a door opens and they are invited in. The group enters, and heads for the open door at the end of the hall.

In it, they meet Melora, the goddess. She reveals that Dorin (Wavebreaker) is the duke of the land. She also explains that the villages were attacked by Adimeer Stonecoast, who used to be one of her priests but now serves the Raven Queen. She lays out a plan to protect them as they sail into the bay with the Rock, so that they can land on the Rock and fight Adimeer, so they don’t have to fight the hordes. She has no idea what creatures are on the Rock because Adimeer is blocking her sight. She admits its not a perfect plan, but its the best she can come up with.

She does offer to give everyone gifts to help in the morning.



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