Lathander (pronounced lah-THAN-der6), whose title is The Morninglord, was the neutral good aspect of Amaunator13 (as of 5th Edition the two were separate deities 14), worshiped in earlier days as a deity of creativity, dawn, renewal, birth, athletics, spring, self-perfection, vitality and youth. He favored those who dispelled the undead and blessed those who planted new life. Lathander was also the god called upon to bless birth and fertility related ceremonies

Lothander’s Dogma

Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. It is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Perfect yourself, and be fertile in mind and in body. Wherever you go, plant seeds of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Watch each sunrise. Consider the consequences of your actions so that your least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Avoid negativity, for from death comes life, and there is always another morning to turn a setback into a success. Place more importance in activities that help others than in strict adherence to rules, rituals, and the dictates of your seniors.

Lothander’s Favored sayings

“From death, life.”
“There is always another dawn.”
“In the dawn, beauty reigns, and the way is clearer.”


Novices in the Lathanderian faith were called the Awakened while clerics were known as Dawnbringers. The full priests took a new name in his service when they were ready to signify that Lathander personally recognized and accepted them. This new name could either be used instead of their old name or simply used only when addressing other Dawnbringers and when in solitary prayer. Other titles included (in ascending order): Dawngreeter, Dawnlord, High Dawnlord and Dawnmaster while an elite cleric was referred to as a Morninglord. All followers were required to be of neutral to good alignment.[citation needed]

All of Lathander’s clergy respected art, liberty, nature and culture, promoted betterment of oneself and strived to bring hope to their followers and others. Many of these followers worked in various creative arts. They were intolerant of evil, especially undead and inaction that caused evil to prosper. Most ceremonies of Lathander were held at dawn and actions and contracts agreed to at sunrise were said to be blessed by him. Funerals, among his followers, were held at dusk, and followed by a wake that lasted until dawn.[citation needed]
Some followers of Lathander insisted that he was in fact the reincarnation ofAmaunator, the Netherese god of the sun. Others took this heresy further, claiming that he will take up the mantle of the lawful neutral Amaunator again, and that the transformation from deity of the morning to sun god is imminen


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