Brekka is a small town on the cost of The Jaro Bay. Each building in the town has a unique roof colour.

Buildings in Brekka

Rarder’s Home

This house has a red roof. Rarder lived here with his wife and daughter prior to his death.

The Castle

The Common Hag

This building has a green roof, and is home to Brekka’s small magic shop. The Common Hag is run by Mina

The Rainy Leg Bar

This building has a black roof. It is owned by Dekka.

Brosta’s Home

This building has a blue roof. Brosta lives here with her remaining brother, Carguk.

Lozu’s Home

This building has a yellow roof. The door has a window made of stained glass in the pattern of Lothander’s symbol. Lathander_symbol.jpg


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