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Session 12

Brief Summary

After Reqlin’s failed attempt at getting with Captain Naalo, the Captain informs the party that the scholar they have been waiting for has arrived in Skuuld. The scholar has confirmed that they will require the help of The Aquatic elves if they are to defeat Arroway. The captain asks the party to head to The Black Cauldron to assist the alchemists in creating the potions of water breathing that will be required to visit the elves.

Using his secret alchemist knowledge, Manitari convinces the alchemists to let them help, and the party is sent off to gather ingredients. While collecting them, they are made to believe that a young girl is in danger of being killed by a crocodile, but later realise that they were tricked by a hag.

Once all the ingredients are collected, the party returns to Skuuld for a night on the town. When they wake up in the morning, Mina is nowhere to be found. The eventually find her at The Forest; seedy brothel in Skuuld. The party plans to visit the local medic to have Elyza’s ear reattached, as the Jevith Memorial Library.

Detailed Summary

The party retires to the barracks and has dinner with Captain Naalo and her guard. Reqlin boldly approaches the captain and proposes that she spend the night with him, but leaves before she can respond. The captain doesn’t take him up on his offer, which he brings up to her the next morning. She states plainly that she was not interested. She tells that party that the scholar has arrived in Skuuld and informed them that they will need to enlist the help of the Aquatic elves. The elves will be most familiar with the weaknesses of the Sahuagin and will know more about the war horn that Traaver Arroway is using to control them. In order to visit the Aquatic elves the party will require potions of water breathing. The alchemists at The Black Cauldron are working on them now. The captain asks the party to visit the alchemists to see if they need any help creating the potions.

The party goes to The Black Cauldron and receive a lukewarm welcome from Jamond until Manitari performs the secret handshake of the alchemist’s guild: a high five. Jamond introduces them to the head alchemist at The Black Cauldron, Nelebrie. She provides the party with a list of ingredients that she needs to finish the potions of water breathing.Their first stop with be the Eastern Shallows, the lake that the party had come across previously.

As the party approaches the lake they hear the sound of a small girl screaming. Mushu and Elyza rush in to find a small girl being attacked by a crocodile. The party deals with the crocodile quickly, and Elyza rushes to the girl’s aide. As she comforts her, the girl starts to cackle, and the girl claws at Elyza’s face! Manitari realises that this is actually a Green Hag disguised as a little girl. The party defeats the hag as well. Reqlin skins the crocodile, as the scales were a required potion ingredient, and Elyza collects some cat tails for the potions as well.

The party then heads to Brekka to obtain some sea water from The Jaro Bay. They update Rione on what they are up to. The party also suggests that there is potential for another attack from the bay, and that they should set some traps just in case. Rione will discuss this with the guards, and asks the party to return to her before they visit with the elves.

The party returns to Skuuld and provides Nelebrie with the requested ingredients. Manitari offers to stay behind to help make the potions, and proves to her that he is capable with the secret alchemist’s handshake. The other party members decide to have a night on the town, though it takes some work to convince Mushu to come along.

They head to The Ivory Jester where they are served by a humourless tiefling. She spends a great length of time ignoring her customers and arguing with another tiefling woman who they later find out is her sister. She is not eager to talk about this dispute with Reqlin. Mina has a few glasses of red wine, and uses a spell to make Elyza’s egg salad taste like a green salad.

Meanwhile, Manitari is at The Black Cauldron making potions when he hears a ruckus coming from the front of the store. Upon investigating he sees that Jamond is being robbed by two bandits with daggers. Manitari tries to give one a high five, but gets stabbed in the hand instead. Manitari holds his own against the bandits, but soon Nelebrie arrives with the guards and the bandits are arrested. Nelebrie is perplexed about why Manitari tried to take on the bandits alone.

The rest of the party soon moves upstairs where a band of bards begin to play some tunes. After a bit of dancing, which Mina quite enjoyed, Mushu and Reqlin teach the bards the song that they learned while on Captain Emmil’s ship: Hapuro’s Tears. They then head back to The Black Cauldron to pick up Manitari. Most of the party decides to retire to the barracks for the evening, but Mina and Manitari decide that they haven’t had enough fun yet, and head out to The Ashamed Queen, where the two of them drink. Manitari gets tired and decides to sleep on the floor, and though she is not pleased about it, Mina carries him home and puts him to bed. She doesn’t notice him try to high five her as she leaves.

In the morning Mina is nowhere to be found in the barracks. They talk to the guard who was on duty last night and he informs them that Mina did go back out after she dropped Manitari off and she didn’t return. They head back to The Ashamed Queen and the tiefling informs them that Mina likes to frequent The Forest, one of Skuuld‘s brothels. They arrive at The Forest where a dwarf woman sweeping up. She knows Mina, and knows that by this time of day she would be alone in her room, and offers to go get her for them. Mina comes down in a pleasant mood. The party can tell that she is not hungover, and that she got some four times last night. They cannot tell if this was with a single person or with multiple. The party now plans on heading to the medic to have Elyza’s ear re-attached, and to the library which was built to honour a dragonborn scholar from Skuuld who was killed in the tragedy.

Session 11
Arrival in Skuuld

Brief Summary

After defeating the Sahuagin, the party travels to Skuuld to obtain their help in defeating Arroway. On the road, the party is attacked by bandits, which nearly cost Reqlin his life. Elyza loses an ear. Upon arrival in Skuuld the party speaks with Captain Naalo. She wishes to believe their story, but can’t help them without proof that they are helping and working with Brekka. The captain provides them with horses and they travel back to Brekka, picking up Mina to help corroborate their story. They return to Skuuld an the captain reveals that she is enlisting the help of a scholar with knowledge of the aquatic elves who are enemies of the Sahuagin. This scholar will arrive in Skuuld in the morning, and the party will return to the captain at that time. They spend the rest of the evening exploring the shopping district of Skuuld. They meet The Blacksmith and make a deal with him that if they defeat Arroway, they will each receive one item of their choosing from him.

Detailed Summary

After the defeating the Sahuagin (known to the party as “sea wenches”)the party discussed the events with Brekka‘s city guard, and Rione. Rione believes that Traaver Arroway has obtained the Sahuagin warhorn and now has the power to summon and control them. If this is the case, Brekka can no longer deal with Arroway alone. Rione requests that the party travel north to the city of Skuuld, to obtain their help. They should meet with the captain of Skuuld’s guard, Captain Naalo.

The party quickly departs for Skuuld, forgetting their previous plan to meet Mina that evening. On their way, the road north is quieter than expected. Suddenly, the party is attacked by bandits. Manitari attempts to intimidate the bandits, but only the lesser two are affected. This battle would prove to be the most difficult that the party has faced so far. Reqlin is taken down by the bandits, but is healed just before his life slips away from him. Elyza, though never close to death, has one of her ears removed by a bandit’s blade. The party soon defeats the bandits, but Mushu leaves angry, feeling as though he let his party down. Elyza retrieves her ear and cleans it, and allows Manitari to try and reattach it, but his medical skills fail him greatly and he chops the ear lobe off. The party takes a short rest before proceeding toward Skuuld.

Upon arrival in Skuuld the door to the city is closed, and about ten guards are standing by. The guards wear chain mail and each has a lion painted in green on their shield. The party discusses the reason for their arrival. The guards inform them that all they know is that a dragonborn man sounded the warhorn that was heard, and that he poses a great threat to their city. They have been instructed to not let anyone enter the city at this time. They are very suspicious of Mushu, as “dragonborn” is the only description of the enemy that they have received.

The party persuades the guards to fetch Captain Naalo so that they can speak with her directly about their purpose in Skuuld. Reqlin is taken with the captain immediately, as she is the first female elf that he has seen in a great deal of time. The captain wears leather armour and a green cloak with the image of a lion embroidered on it. Manitari high fives the captain with his mage hand, which startles her a bit. The Captain listens politely to the party. She expresses that she wants to believe that they are here to help Brekka, but she cannot trust them 100%. She knows all of the citizens of Brekka, and the timing of their arrival is just too suspicious since she knows none of them. She agrees to provide them with horses so that they can quickly get back to Brekka and obtain some sort of proof for their story.

The party sleeps outside the castle walls, as the sun has now set. The characters are now level 4! A guard brings the party three horses; one white, one grey, and one black. They names the white horse Blanco, the grey horse Traveller, and the black horse Blackie. Upon arrival in Brekka, the party explains to Rione what happened in Skuuld. She informs them that Mina was expecting them last night, but that they never came back for her. The party quickly finds Mina and apologises, and Mina forgives them. She agrees to join them on their journey to Skuuld.

The trip back to Skuuld is uneventful. When they arrive the guards fetch the captain. Captain Naalo turns out to be an old friend of Mina’s, and they are delighted to see each other again. The captain brings the group to her headquarters. The castle contains a large field, equipped for the guards to train. The party keeps their horses at the castle’s stable and follow the captain inside. They talk, and the captain apologises for her mistrust of them earlier. She provides them with a bit of information about the Sahuagin. She informs them that an ambassador for Skuuld is travelling to enlist the aid of a colleague who has knowledge of the aquatic elves, the natural enemy of the Sahuagin. They believe the aquatic elves are the key to defeating Arroway and his Sahuagin.

The ambassador and his colleague are set to return to Skuuld in the morning. The captain suggests that the party return to her office at 9am tomorrow morning to discuss any new information she has learned, and next steps. She offers the party dinner in their dining hall, and bunks in the barracks, or suggests that they explore the city for the evening. The party doesn’t decide where they will spend the night, but would like to visit the blacksmith to potentially upgrade their weapons. Captain Naalo informs them that the northeast quadrant of the city is the shopping district. They can find the blacksmith there.

The party travels to the shopping district and meets with The Blacksmith. They ask his name, but he only answers " The Blacksmith “. They intuit that this dwarf has a shady past. He wishes to build a better life for himself here, and in order to do so he must conceal his past identity. Most of the items here are out of the price range that the party can afford. ”/characters/mushu" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mushu proposes to The Blacksmith that if they defeat Arroway, he shall reward them by allowing them each to choose an item from his store. To their surprise, The Blacksmith agrees.


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