Dragonborn Scholar


- White male dragonborn scholar
- based in Skuuld

Jevith was a highly intelligent, wise dragonborn man. He was the primary adviser of the rulers of Skuuld, and some say he had more control over what happened in the city than anyone. Prior to The Tragedy, the rules of Skuuld were approached by a counsel of humans that were referring to themselves as “The Protectors”. They were the group that initiated The Tragedy, and convinced the rulers that Jevith was using their power for his own dastardly plans. On the first day of the tragedy the rulers ordered the Skuuld guard to ambush Jevith. He was able to freeze them in self defense, leaving them unharmed and allowing him to briefly escape. Soon after however, The Protectors far outnumbered him, and like so many dragonborn at that time he was slain.

Long after his death, the Rulers realised that The Protectors had not known anything of Jevith, and simply targeted him as a way of carrying on with their agenda. The Rulers built the Jevith Memorial Library in his honour.


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