GC & Friends

Session 23-24 (D7-D8, The Holiday Special)

The group is in the castle still collecting themselves. They go the prison and free a group of guards and then head to the city. The docks are badly damaged and there are no boats in the harbor other than Captain Captain Emmill’s.

The city is in bad shape, many buildings were destroyed or damaged. The team finds a couple who lost their home and their boat for fishing and so Nuluara gives the a little money.

They also find some orphans. Nuluara and Elyza help organize rides on Roger and give each child a piece of Gold.

Manni is flown to the fields to do Grow Plants. Ethan died of excitement for using it for a legitimate purpose.

They check out the stores in city center, including two general stores, an armorer, a alchemist, and an aeronautic store.

Dorin gives a speech on the gallows of the prison camps. He promises to punish those that did this (there were some captives) and rebuild the city. He declares that in a week, there would be a festival to thank H&M for their help and to celebrate rebuilding the city.

The group organizes a place for the orphans in the castle and then is summoned by Mel. She explains that Kris Krinkle has crashed and needs help. Alistar Windwalker will take them in his flying ship.

The depart the next morning and head north. They find Kris and land nearby.

On the way from the landing the the crash, they fight a Yeti. Things are close but they win.

The proceed to the crash and Kris says he needs help finding his pegasi. Requilin heads to the south. He fights and scares away a remorhaz and saves a pegasus. It is difficult but eventually heads back to the camp.

Meanwhile the rest of the group explores the cave near the yeti attack. It is an ice cave and they head in and travel to the end. Giant icicles fall a couple of times but there is no real danger. At the end there is a large room with two ice cells. One has penguins and the other has the pegasus. As they free them, the cave starts to cave in. Nuluara grabs the penguins and runs and the the others follow. Everyone makes it out and they penguins and Pegasus are saved.

There are now enough pegasi that the group can fly, so they ride Carls Jr., Lenny, and Tim Hortons to look around. They find another one that has stumbled between a momma polar bear and her cubs. The group gets it to fly away, making this the lamest challenge.

They then fly East. They eventually come upon a small shack outside of which are some dogs and a pegasus. As the group lands, a half giant, Drif comes out. He is a trapper and intends to sell the pegasus in town next time. The group casts Charmed Person and get him to bet the pegasus for the yeti pelt and horns on a dog sled race. He ultimately loses and turns over the pegasus as long as the group agrees to come back again soon and race him.

With that all of the Pegasi are returned. The sleigh was damaged so Roger stays to help fly it that year, but would be returned. The group is also given a bag of presents for all of the orphans of Rock Peak.

The group returns, leaves the presents on the beds of the orphans and turns in for the night.



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