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Session 19 (D3) - Dark and Stormy 3

Manni tries to take the robes of the dead priest. Dorin and Elyza say its probably not a good idea to disrespect the dead, so he decides not to. Nuluara then decides its worth it. Elyza says as long as Nuluara helps her bury the body, she will allow it. Dorin chimes in that priests of Melora are usually buried at sea.

Requilin takes the body into the air and drops it into the ocean. As it falls, he shoots a flaming arrow at it to cremate the body, and after that plays a song on his lute.

Its very moving, everyone is touched, and the ocean is completely still for a moment, a sign from Melora that she is pleased.

The group searches each of the buildings in the town, and find some gold and Elyza finds a pocket watch but the houses yield no clues and nothing else of value.

Dorin investigates the boat and discovers a map of the islands and that the boat, a sailboat named Dolphin, is in good shape. Requilin flies up and deduces that they are on East Island. Dorin says he has no idea what island Enya is on, so the group decides to search all of them. Manni and Requilin fly around on the carpet shouting for Enya. There is no response.

The group decides to sail to Shipwreck Island.

On the way there, Nuluara attempts to use her Helm of Telepathy to see if there is anyone on the island. She is too far away, but the group notices and grills her on its origins.

She got it while in Bouldergate, and it is of the magic school of divination.

The ship approached the island. There are rocks all around in the water that could easily hurt a ship. And there are quippers in the water. The island itself is a pile or rocks and pebbles. It is a shit hole, described as a floating Philly. But there are two ship wrecks and a whole bunch of assorted wreckage on it.

As the ship approaches, Dorin says he is good at boatmanship because he is a sea dwarf of the clan Ironkeel, who run one of the best shipyards in the world.

The group lands and recognizes one of the wrecks as Captain Emmil’s boat. They rush to it and greeted partway by Murray. He leads them in and they discover Cookie and a dying Captain Emmil. Cookie says they are the only two left and it looks like Emmil will dye soon. Elyza manages to stabilize him, but he will not improve without actual medical attention.

The group moves on to the other boat. Its mast was destroyed when it crashed, but the maiden head was a skeleton.

The group clamors up on board and are immediately confronted with a number of dead sailors. All of them are wearing an iron cuff on their left wrist and all our dead.

After some investigation, the group decides that the cuffs were magical and that somehow they caused the sailors to die. Elyza uses dispell magic and a cuff comes off one of them. It has the Raven Head signet and the number 26 on the inside. The group decides that this is a slave or prison ship.

Manni puts it on his arm, and it does not activate or tighten. Requilin is quite upset at such a reckless risk.

The group goes into what they discover is the captain’s quarters. There is a dead body in purple/black robes behind the desk. He drowned. Nuluara takes his robes as well. He has gold as well. There is also an altar in the quarters. It has incense and a statue of a cloaked woman. The colors match the priest/captains. There is also a prayer book to the Raven Queen on it.

The group decides they have investigated enough. Manni is excited to open the other door via magic, because its blocked by shit. He does and there is a roar from inside. He says oh no and slams the door shut. Four zombie orges Kool-Aid man through and roar again.



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