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Session 18 (D2) - Dark and Stormy 2

Cookie comes out with coffee with rum in it to reward the party for killing the Sahuagin. The Captain is impressed.

The journey continues, and the group asks some questions of Nulara, she is not very forthcoming on information, but it appears she did come from The Continent, and that she has skills that will be useful. She does not say where she went to undergrad at. [Meaghan and I will do a short session to flesh out her relationship to Dorin].

On the sixth day (one day from the Rock Point Islands), the party is eating breakfast in the mess hall, and a sailor comes running in. He says that everyone must report to the deck immediately.

Its dark when the party gets to the deck and there is a storm approaching. Its clearly magical in nature, based on how quickly it formed, and how intense it looks. Captain Emmil says that everyone will need to help do things to ride out the storm.

Requilin takes off in his magic carpet and tends to the sails. He initially does well, but as the storm intensifies, he struggles to stay on his carpet.

While, he is up there, he notices that Dorin is in the sails helping operate them. This is very unusual for a dwarf, and you feel like there is more going on there, but there was no time to investigate.

Nulara mans that cannons. She tried to blow debris out of the water before it hit the ship and damaged it. She started out pretty rough, but eventually figured it out and started protecting the ship better. At some point, she also wears her Helm of Telepathy and discocers the person creating the storm is about a days sail away.

Elyza operates the pump. She has an initial bit of success, but ultimately the water comes on too fast, and she can’t keep up.

Manni used spells and hardwork to repair the damage to the ship. He repairs the first damage but ultimately the storm intensifies and he also can’t keep up.

The storm starts to lessen, and the Captain feels like they’re going to make it. In the lull, the group looks out and sees a ship passing far off in the distance. It is to far for them to interact with, but it has black sails, and a flag with a Raven’s head on it. Dorin confirms that this was not the boat that attacked him earlier, but that it has the same flag.

Then out of no where, the storm intensifies again. Captain Emmil loses control of the ship, the mast starts to break, and everyone passes out.

The party awakens on an island. Dorin is there, he says he rescued all of them and Roger,who an unconscious Elyza was babbling about, on the life boat. There is wreckage all around, but the ship can’t be seen anywhere.

The island itself has pebble beaches, and a large forest of Fantasy Oak. There is a slight path through it, but it is unclear who/what made it. There are also Ravens circling the life boat and party, but they do not attack.

The group decides to proceed down the path, and after walking for about an hour, the path opens up onto another beach. There is a small town there. It has clearly been ransacked, but there is only one building that was destroyed. Requilin does a fly over, and discovers that there is a body outside of the destroyed building. Elyza rushes to it. It is a human and light blue robes, matching the color of a sign that depicts the sign for the goddess of seas and untamed nature, You deduce that this man was a priest for her, but was killed by the Raven Pirate people, because they replaced the sign with a Raven head one.

Elyza tries to speak to some rats that are hanging around. The form a swarm and attack her. The party easily handles it and and no one is really hurt, but Elyza is discouraged.



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