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Session 17 (D1) - Dark and Stormy

The party is drinking at a bar in Skuul, and a waitress delivers Mushu a shot of Dwarven Holy Water. He takes it and goes to speak with her.

While he is gone, a strange dwarf approaches the rest of the group. He is tall for a dwarf, and relatively slight, but has armor with strange fish drawings on it and a trident. He introduces himself as Dorin Ironkeel.

He explains to the group that he was crossing from the Continent, serving as a protector for a friend’s daughter, Eyna. Their ship was caught up in a storm and then attacked by a pirate off the Rock Point Islands. Eyna was taken hostage. He managed to escape and was eventually picked up by another passing ship.

He asked if the group would help him find Eyna. Requlin asked if Dorin would give the group a reward for their service. He agreed to pay them each $150 and said that he had already hired Captain Emil to take them there.

He then takes his leave, and tells the group to meet him in Brekka in two days.

On the way home from the bar, a woman comes running up the street towards the group. She is pursued by two bandits and a bandit. She hides behind the group and the group fights the bandits. She gets hurt, and Manni makes her invisible. After some struggles, the drunk group runs off the bandits, and kills the leader.

She becomes visible and is swooning on the ground. She introduces herself as Nualara. When asked why the bandits were chasing her, she says that they don’t like victims who fight back. Manni is suspicious of her, he has a close in, shifty eye moment, but the group walks her home then returns to the castle.

At the castle, Elyza finds a note from Mushu. He explains that the tiefling was an agent of the Dragon’s Breath, a group dedicated to avenging The Tragedy. She had a lead on a major leader of The Protectors, and was planning to attempt to extract revenge for what he did.

Manni sneaks out of the castle and find Nualara drinking at the hotel bar. He asks her questions about where she came from (the Continent), and what she was doing there (looking for opportunities to make money). Manni offers for her to come with them and she can have some of the money they make, she says maybe, but they make no real plans.

The group spends a day in the woods and Manni finds some alchemy ingredients, and then the group leaves for Brekka.

They go to the dock and see Captain Emil and Murray the parrot, who welcome the party aboard. Not long afterwards, Dorin comes aboard with Nualara. He says her skills might be useful against pirates. When pushed on it, she says she’s good with a rapier.

The ship authoritatively gets underway, and Elyza does the Titanic. While she doing it, she notices a shark following the boat. After investigating the shark, the party is invited to learn some things about the boat by Captain Emil and Dorin, who is up the mast, which seams unusual. Elyza gets up pretty easily, Manni and Requlin struggled, Nualara makes it part way up but slides down. They all learn some notes.

He then shows them some new structural parts of the ship and then the cannons. They all fire the cannon, and Manni shoots his extra arm so he can high five the ocean. They then go down a deck and see a new pump that Captain Emil had installed.

The party tried to find some booze, and discover Cookie has some, but the group decides to just go to sleep.

When they wake up, they have breakfast, eggs and some stuff, and then up on deck. They go up to on deck and check for sharks. There are two, but while they’re watching, three Shaguagin jump on deck. They fight, Elyza almost passes out, but eventually they win. Captain Emil and Dorin come out and say thanks. Sailors push the dead bodies over the edge.



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