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Session 16

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After being stabbed in the gut by Mushu’s poisoned blade, Arroway fell unconscious. Mushu tied up Arroway and retrieved the warhorn while the party tied all their rope together and descended down the tree, one by one. Instead of taking the rope. Manitari took advantage of his umbrella-like headshape and floated down from the tree house, Mary Poppins-style. After reaching the ground, they retraced their steps and returned to Brekka. They greeted Roger with carrots that made him the most happy he had ever been.

The group found beds for the evening, and Mushu slept in the castle. guarding Arroway in the a jail cell. The next morning they headed to Skuuld leaving Jamond andArroway’s other prisoner behind. On the road a group of bandits tried to ambush them, but the greatsword of warning altered the party of the danger and the bandits were dealt with swiftly. At the conclusion of the battle, the two Arroway hostages caught up to them on foot, however the party soon took off towards Skuuld on horseback, leaving them behind.

The team brought Arroway to Captain Naalo, who was overjoyed by their success. She shared that she wished to celebrate their achievement later this evening, and they agreed that they would remain in Skuuld for at least that length of time. She also asked if their group had a name. They revealed that they are called The H&M. Secretly it stands for Three Humanoids and a Mushroom, but they don’t share that with many.

While awaiting their celebration, the group headed to The Blacksmith, who kept his word and provided each party member with a magic item of their choosing from his shop. Mushu returned to the castle to speak with Mina to see if she can transfer the magic from the Greatsword of Warning into the Flame Tongue, the new, more magical sword he received from The Blacksmith. She informed him that she did think it was possible, but would take her some time, and he expressed that this would work well with his schedule.

Meanwhile, Manitari and the rest of the party decided to head to The Black Cauldron to check in on Jamond post-kidnapping. Upon arrival however, he was nowhere to be found. Manitari proceeded into the back room where he spoke with Nelebrie. He informed her in a very roundabout and confusing way that Jamond had been kidnapped by Arroway but that they had since rescued him and he was safe. Nelebrie, shocked by this new information lashed out at Manitari for more information, which he only kind of provided. Manitari then left to forage for alchemical ingredients in the forest. On his way back to Brekka he encountered Jamond and the other hostage, and informed them that they should both check in with Nelebrie because she is very worried about them. Sadly, his brief foraging excursion was unsuccessful. This may be because Manitari’s player was eating weird chicken taco pringles at the time.

Elyza begins to notice that since spending time in the Jaro Bay, the smell of her ear had increased, and it had sogged slightly.

The H&M then proceeded to the celebration. They were greeted by Captain Naalo who led them to the stage. The group noticed some recognizable individuals in the crowd, including:

Captain Naalo proceeded to give her speech:

“Today we recognize four brave individuals who have saved the entire region from the torment of a dragonborn named ”/characters/traaver-arroway" class=“wiki-content-link”>Traaver Arroway. These brave men and women came to our aide when we needed it most. They are not from here. They had no obligation to dedicate their time and energy to our cause, but they did so without thought. May we all strive to embody the ideals of courage, benevolence, and selflessness as they do."

The audience clapped

“I would now like to introduce our four honourees:

Elyza has dedicated her life to caring for others. Before becoming an adventurer, she ran an orphanage, and spent her days caring for children without families, in the hopes of giving them a better life. In the hunt for Arroway she used her incredible druidic talents to obtain information on his location. Elyza, thank you for all that you have done for Skuuld and Brekka. Please step forward.

Captain Naalo pinned a cloak to Elyza. The cloak was the same as the one that The Captain wears; a long green cloak embroidered with the image of a lion, except Elyza’s was customised with the image of a crescent moon.

“I am pleased to make you an honourary member of the Skuuld guard.”

“An Alchemist by trade, ”/characters/manitari" class=“wiki-content-link”>Manitari’s skills assisted our alchemists at The Black Cauldron in creating the potions needed to take Arroway’s main source of power away. A creature of simple needs, he is often content with a bowl of juice and some moist soil to soak his feet in. Today however, let us show him our appreciation with this feast! Please step forward."

Manitari teleported forward, and the crowd applauded. Captain Naalo pinned a similar cloak onto Manitari, but his was customised with the symbol of the Alchemist’s guild.

“I am pleased to make you an honourary member of the Skuuld guard. "

“”/characters/mushu" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mushu Dragonocleas Knobi. When you arrived we did not welcome you to our city. We questioned your motives, but you helped us all the same. During their battle with Arroway, Mushu’s brave actions separated Arroway from the rest of the group, allowing Arroway’s hostages to be quickly saved. He also strategically delivered the final blow that left Arroway unconscious. Please step forward."

She pinned another similar cloak onto Mushu, customised with an embroidered flame. Mushu saluted The Captain and she saluted in return.

“”/characters/reqlin-treewalker" class=“wiki-content-link”>Reqlin Treewalker. Another individual who was misjudged from the start…by me personally. What I didn’t know at our first meeting is that Reqlin is honourable, fun, and is a damn good shot. Reqlin’s archery skills were invaluable in fighting off the numerous Sahuagin attacks on the shores of Brekka, and it was his arrows that initiated the battle against Arroway where he was taken down. Reqlin is an elf, who I am happy to call my friend. Please step forward."

Reqlin’s cloak was customised with an embroidered bow and arrow. Following Mushu’s lead, he salutes The Captain as well.

The H&M then left the stage, and the feast began. An entire roasted cow was served to the guests along with potatoes, rice, bread vegetables, and a wide array of beverages. A Manitari corner was also set up, where a stack of bowls sat next to a moist pot of soil.

They spoke with many guests that evening. After eating too much, Reqlin noticed a new saddle on Roger: a green saddle with the lion of Skuuld, and a small embroidered apple. Roger then showed Reqlin the new trick that Mina taught him; briefly standing with his front two legs about a foot off the ground.

Mushu was in a good mood, and playfully asked Reqlin is he was going to make a move on Captain Naalo that evening. Reqlin felt that she had made it clear to him that they were only friends, and he’d tried enough in the past. Mushu nudged him some more, and so Reqlin asked Mina if she thought he had any chance with Captain Naalo, to which she exclaimed “Absolutely not!”

Continuing his playful streak, Mushu approached Lozu and informed him that Elyza had recently experienced a lot in the forest, and that she really wanted to talk to him about it. Lozu quickly rushed over and asked to hear about it all, but first offered Elyza some wine, which she accepted. While he was getting the wine, Elyza ran away and used her gnome hat, while Manitari created an illusion of Elyza. The illusion was so lifelike and into him that Lozu noticed no difference and happily listened to the illusion Elyza. However as the spell’s magic ran out, illusion Elyza ran from the castle and disappeared into Skuuld, leaving Lozu to chase after her.

Elyza then began to wonder what would happen to Traaver Arroway now that he was in custody, and so the group approached Captain Naalo to discuss it. She shared that there would be a trial at noon tomorrow, and that he would likely be hanged. The group also shared that [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] had taken prisoners, and fetched them so that Captain Naalo could speak with them. The group learned that the second prisoner was Lasark, assistant librarian at the Jevith Memorial Library. He shared that [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] was trying to gain control of Brekka and The Jaro Bay so that he could gain power over the region, but also because he thought water was cool. Captain Naalo asked the prisoners, as well as The H&M to attend the trial tomorrow, and give statements.

At the trial, the group learned that Captain Naalo had kidnapped Lasark because he was researching the Sahuagin. Lasark studied at the Centre for the Enhancement Of Lexicology, and was able to speak Sahuagin. He wanted to learn more about the various languages he knew how to speak, and so he was researching the Sahuagin. [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] found out about this and assumed that Lasark was a threat, and so he kidnapped him. Jamond was kidnapped because of his ability to create the potions of water breathing, which [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] thought might be cool and helpful. The trial concluded, and [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] was found guilty, and was hanged.



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