GC & Friends

Session 15

Brief Summary

The group returned to the Aquatic Elves home where they ate a celebratory feast. Leena discussed with the group her desire to leave the Aquatic Elves and find her family, and the group agreed that this was a valid quest. Upon leaving the Aquatic Elves, the group were ambushed by the angry shark friends of the Sahuagin.

Upon returning to Brekka they heard the warhorn sound, but no Sahuagin appeared. They decided to quickly head after Traaver Arroway, since it was clear the sound had come from the west. Landa was happy to accompany them. A bird and squirrel aided them, and they soon came upon a forest that had been entirely cut down, save for one 200-foot-tall tree with a tree house at the top. Elyza transformed into a rat and climbed up the tree. She soon returned to the group and was fairly certain that Arroway was inside this tree house.

Firing arrows at the tree house alerted Arroway to their presence, but Mushu was quick to jump on the rope ladder that Arroway had begun to pull inside. Soon the group was climbing the tree, and Arroway pelted them with various objects. There were a few falls, but luckily no one fell to their death.

Upon reaching the tree house the group soon realised that Arroway had two hostages precariously tied to tree branches. However there was nothing they could do, as Arroway soon attacked. With Mushu’s quick thinking the fight was cut short; he threw Arroway out the window! But at the last second, Arroway was able to grab onto a tree branch and save himself from the deadly fall. Seeing this, Mushu followed, leaping out the window and grabbing onto the same branch. He chased after Arroway, coating his blade with poison. Seeing this Arroway stopped running and turned around, only to be stabbed by Mushu and falling to the ground. The group that remained in the tree house was able to free the prisoners.

Detailed Summary

After a long and hard-fought battle against the Sahuagin, the party looted the Sahuagin base and found 4831 GP worth of coins and art, as well as a +1 Wand of the War Mage for Mani and Pipes of Haunting for Reqlin.

Narissa then invited the group back to their home for a celebratory feast, which the team gladly took part in. While waiting for the feast to be ready, the group was approached by Leena, who told them that she was considering leaving the Aquatic Elves behind to seek out her family. The group weighed in, and encouraged Leena to head to land to pursue this task. Elyza proposed that Leena could help out at her orphanage if she lacked meaning in her life once on land, and Leena agreed that this would be a great use of her time. Then the group feasted on freshly caught fish and seaweed salad. After much out-of-game deliberation it was decided that the underwater celebratory drink of choice was flavoured oil which when freed from its container could be consumed by the droplet.

After saying their goodbyes the party left the Aquatic Elves, but were quickly ambushed by four sharks, which they disposed on easily. Elyza helped Mani harvest 10 shark teeth.

As they approached Brekka, Reqlin greeted Roger, who was waiting for them on the shore. Roger, as usual was confused by most of the information that the party gave him about what happened under the sea, but he was relieved that there would be no more attacks by the Sea Wenches. Soon the warhorn sounded, causing Landa to rush from her home, only to see that no Sahuagin were summoned. The group had succeeded in removing the power from the warhorn by exterminating all of the Sahugin in the area. After briefly deliberating the group decided to take a short rest and then immediately head in the direction of the warhorn (west). Landa was happy to accompany them.

The path through the western area quickly disappeared, and Elyza was left to search for tracks that might belong to Arroway. She found three paths and wasn’t able to descern which path to follow, and so she enlisted the help of a nearby bird named George. George recalled seeing a Dragonborn man and lead them in the direction that he had headed. He led them partway through a forest before being unsure of the direction Arroway had headed. Soon Reqlin spotted a net trap, which he triggered from a distance with a stick. Unsure of the next direction, Elyza recruited a squirrel whose name was never obtained. He negotiated payment for his services, and Elyza promised him ten nuts. Chasing after the squirrel was not difficult, however the group failed to continue to keep an eye out for traps, and Elyza tripped over a wire and was struck with a cleaver. From then on the group spotted all traps that were set, and triggered them from afar with sticks. The unnamed squirrel lead them all the way to the edge of the forest, where he was promptly rewarded with what turned out to be an overwhelming amount of nuts.

Now at the edge of the forest, the group could see a 200 foot tall tree with a treehouse at its top. On the ground the tree was surrounded by trees just as tall that had been chopped to the ground. The group suspected that Arroway was likely inside the treehouse, but wanted to be sure. Elyza decided to turn into a rat and climbed up the tree to investigate. Though she was unable to climb all the way up, she got close enough to catch a familiar scent: Dragonborn. She returned to the group and informed them that there was likely a Dragonborn inside.

After setting some arrows aflame, Reqlin attempted to shoot them into the window of the treehouse. He initially missed horribly, but his next two arrows were able to pierce the window frame of the nearest window. The distance however, caused the flames to go out before reaching their destination. These arrows caught the attention of whoever was inside of the treehouse, and they began to pull the rope ladder that lead from treehouse to ground up inside. Mushu sprinted towards the ladder and leaped at it, but missed and skidded into the tree. Luckily he was able to get to his feet and grab the ladder before it was out of reach.

The rest of the party quickly followed Mushu’s lead, and soon the entire party was on the ladder. After this, the person above dropped the ladder and began to throw things at the party, including blocks of wood, butter knives, an axe, some rocks, and daggers. These items caused Mushu, Manitari, and Elyza to fall from the ladder at various times during their climb. Mushu was saved when Elyza was able to entangle him in vines. Reqlin was able to grab onto Manitari’s light frame and swing him back onto the ladder. Mushu caught Elyza and swung her onto his back, where she remained for the rest of the climb. Mushu attempted to throw an axe back at Arroway, and was successful in throwing it into the treehouse, but not in hitting Traaver.

Once inside, the party heard screams coming from the two windows. Elyza quickly rushed to one, and a halfling man named Lasark was tied to a tree branch. From the other window, Elyza could see Jamond in a similar situation. Arroway quickly attacked the group, and did enough damage to knock Manitari unconscious. Mushu’s quick thinking allowed him to burn the rope ladder before tossing Arroway down the hole in the floor. At the last moment, ten feet from certain death, Arroway was able to grab onto a tree branch, which he hopped off of before starting to run away. Mushu then jumped down after him, managing to also grab the same branch. He coated his blade with Oil of Taggit Seeing this, Arroway stopped in his tracks and turned to Mushu, but Mushu didn’t hesitate, and stabbed him in the gut. Before dropping to the ground, Arroway asked “why’d you stab me?”

Back in the treehouse, Manitari and Elyza were able to free the two prisoners from the weak branches that they were tied to.



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