GC & Friends

Session 14

Brief Summary

Potions obtained
Riddles solved
Information obtained
Sahuagin killed
Elves convinced
Tons of Sahugin killed

I will write this for real later.

Detailed Summary

The party passed the time waiting for the potions of water breathing to be made. Manitari foraged for alchemical ingredients during this time.

The party then proceeded to The Black Cauldron to retrieve the potions of water breathing. Upon arrival, Jamond was not at his usual spot behind the desk so the party proceeded to the back where they obtained the potions from Nelebrie, the head alchemist. She told them that Jamond hadn’t shown up to work in a few days. She also suggested that the party return to Captain Naalo, as she had some information for them.

Upon returning to The Captain her office was astray, and she appeared flustered to the group. She seemed disappointed when the party informed her that the potions were ready. She shared that she has no idea how they are going to convince the water elves to help them. She has tried to get information from the scholar that they recruited, but she can’t get any information out of him and is at her wit’s end. She agreed that it couldn’t hurt for the party to try to talk to him.

They headed to The Jevith Memorial Library where they encountered the librarian speaking with a man who they assumed to be the scholar, Mercius. For the first time, it appears that the librarian is actually keeping up a conversation with this man, which the group found quite astonishing. When they approached however and the conversation halted, the librarian quickly took off.

The group introduced themselves to Mercius, explained their reason for seeking him out. Mercius however did not introduce himself, and simply asked the party a riddle. They solved it quite easily, and proceeded to answer two more riddles, after which, Mercius spoke with them freely. The group learned that Mercius holds himself in high regard, and doesn’t want to waste his time speaking with individuals who can’t solve simple riddles. Unfortunately, Mercius wasn’t able to provide the party with a surefire way to gain the trust of Aquatic elves, but he was able to provide them with information that might help them along. He told them that the only outsiders who he has known that have gained entry into the Aquatic Elf Kingdom have been traders. The elves are known to trade pearls for magic items. He also informed them that they are friends with dolphins, and that while as a group the elves will always support their leader, they may be swayed individually. Mercius had soon had enough of talking with the party, and left.

The group returned to The Captain who was astonished to hear that they were able to get information out of Mercius. When the party shared Mercius’s conversational criteria with The Captain, she admitted that she had never attempted to answer the riddles, and just got frustrated with the man immediately. The group inquired about any magic items that The Captain might have at her disposal that they could use to trade with the elves to gain their trust. The Captain couldn’t think of anything off the top of her head, but planned to ask the guards. The party decided to go find Mina, which surprised the DM greatly, as she suspected the group may forget about both her, and Roger. The party proceeded to The Jungle where the owner, Thrinarv, promptly fetched Mina who had spent all three days there. Upon returning to The Captain she had not been able to locate any magic items that she could provide the party with, but Mina suggested that the potions they had in their possession may be magical enough to impress the elves. The party agreed, and proceeded to Brekka.

On their way to Brekka, the party heard the sound that they dreaded most, Traaver Arroway’s warhorn. They rushed towards Brekka and found Landa, Rarder and Rione’s daughter, taking on a group of Sahuagin. She asked them to head to the dock, as another group of Sahuagin were approaching, and insisted that she could handle the current group of Sahuagin on her own. The party raced by her on horseback, expertly sniping down each Sahuagin that attacked her as they road by. At Landa’s instruction the group was able to avoid the traps that they had laid and swiftly took out the remaining Sahuagin. After the battle, the group learned from Landa that Rione had left Brekka, leaving Landa alone. Landa insisted that she will be just fine on her own, and Mina convinced the party that Landa has been training as a monk, and is perfectly capable of looking after herself. Reqlin’s dislike for Rione continued to grow.

The party was then ready to make their descent into the bay, and finally meet with the The Aquatic elves. Manitari grabbed a rock, which he used to help his lightweight body sink to the bottom of the bay. The group spotted the magnificent pink coral reef known to be the home to the elves, and were soon greeted by a pair of dolphins. Elyza explained their reason for visiting the elves to the dolphins, but the dolphins were not sure what the aquatic elf leader would make of the group, and so they delivered them to her.

The dolphins lead the group through the twists and turns of the reef that the elves had carved into their home. They eventually arrived at a throne room where a female aquatic elf, two male aquatic elves, and two aquatic elf children were relaxing. The female proceeded to take the throne, and introduced herself as Narissa. The group explained their situation to her, and shared that if the aquatic elves helped the party defeat the Sahuagin that their home would be safe from future Sahuagin attacks. Narissa explained that the Sahuagin hadn’t attacked them very frequently lately, which the group attributed to the Sahuagin’s new preoccupation for attacking Brekka instead. During this discussion, Reqlin noticed a female eavesdropping on their conversation from outside the room. At the conclusion of the discussion, Narissa asked them for half an hour in private to discuss things with her advisor. The room emptied, leaving Narissa alone with one of the males.

Reqlin went to speak with the spying female, whose name is Leena. She explained that she heard them discussing the Sahuagin, which piqued her interest. She shared that when she was young she was taken prisoner by the Sahuagin, and so she knows a great deal about their community and culture. Leena informed them that the Sahuagin worship sharks, and in time the party realised that the warhorn was likely designed to sound like a shark’s call. Discussing these topics was difficult for Leena, but she shared her knowledge willingly. She seemed intrigued by Reqlin in some way. Leena gave the group a tour of the reef, introducing the party to Narissa’s partner Jacques, and their two children Orta and three-year-old Marilla who expresses to Elyza that the best strategy would be to just kill all the Sahuagin.

Soon the male aquatic elf left the throne room, and the party spoke with him as well. He introduces himself as Shar, Narissa’s second in command. Though he didnt tell them directly, the party learned over time that Shar has strong feelings for Narissa and would go out of his way if he felt like it would impress her.

The group reconvened in the throne room and though it took a bit more convincing, Narissa agreed to help the party. They decided that the best plan of action would be to infiltrate the Sahuagin’s home and defeat the tribe, causing there to be no more Sahuagin remaining for the warhorn to summon. The group, including, Narissa, Shar, fighter-in-training Orta, as well as five aquatic elf fighters proceeded to storm the Sahuagin home. The battle was long and grueling. Shar’s need to impress Narissa nearly got him killed, but he was eventually healed and convinced to stay out of combat for a short time. Orta did surprisingly well. Close calls were had, but eventually the group succeeded in taking down all of the Sahuagin, as well as their leader. Oh, and Elyza turned into a shark, which was really confusing for them when she attacked.



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