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Session 13

Brief Summary

The party headed to the medic to get Elyza’s ear reattached. There they met Olvash, an unusual looking green dragonborn who wears a pink wig. He cannot reattach Elyza’s ear and so offers to make a prosthetic one out of a tree bark poultice.

Manitari and Mushu leave Reqlin and Elyza behind and head to The Jevith Memorial Library. Manitari quickly upsets Mushu by altering the statues outside the library, and Mushu storms inside. He quickly meets the mess of a librarian before heading downstairs. He finds a slightly less messy office and starts to explore, but soon his Greatsword of Warning alerts him to danger and he is able to dodge an attack from… a book?!

Mushu lights one of the books on fire and makes a break for the door, but before he can escape Manitari teleports into the room dramatically. Not wanting to harm the books, he stuns them, unfortunately stunning Mushu in the process and preventing his escape. Manitari is able to subdue the books just as Mushu becomes unstunned. He storms off again, and pressure between the two party members builds.

The two return to the medic to get patched up after their book battle. A heated argument breaks out when Mushu suggests that Reqlin and Elyza should head to the library to see if the books attack them. Mushu believes that he was targeted by the books because of his race. Manitari expresses his extreme dislike for this plan, revealing that books were his main companion during his time in the underdark. He explains that he doesn’t want the books provoked or harmed, but eventually the group decides to proceed with Mushu’s plan.

Upon arrival at the library Reqlin is initially intrigued by the female elf at the library, but soon realises she is crazy and he calms down. Reqlin and Elyza cautiously enter the office and are not attacked. Elyza intuits that the books aren’t attacking because they don’t believe the office is in danger. The two head back upstairs, and enter a back room. Just as they approach, they hear someone leave. Reqlin spots a dwarf quickly leaving from the back door, and a chase ensues. Elyza becomes a warhorse and the two quickly catch up to the terrified dwarf, who wets himself before passing out.

They return the dwarf to the medic where they learn that he is part of a group of bandits. Mushu brings him to the guard, and Captain Naalo who hasn’t had time to deal with the bandits with all her focus on Arroway. While Mushu is gone, the party, including warhorse Elyza smoke some wizardz weed, eat snacks, and share stories. Reqlin nicknames Olvash “Big O” and gives him some wizardz weed seedz to grow in his orange garden. Mushu returns and gets high from being in the room. The party soon head to bed.

They spend 3 more days in the city, passing the time until the potions of water breathing are created. Manitari spends his time searching the area for alchemical ingredients.

Detailed Summary

The party decided to proceed to the medic to get Elyza’s ear reattached. They arrived at The Orange Garden Clinic and met Olvash, the town medic. Upon examining Elyza’s head, Olvash determined that there wasn’t enough flesh on her head for him to reattach the ear. He offered her many options, including the fashioning of a hat or helmet to cover the area, as well as a prosthetic ear made out of a tree bark poultice. Elyza elected for the poultice option. As the medic was doing his work, Manitari and Mushu decided to go visit The Jevith Memorial Library. Feeling more responsible for the safety of Elyza since she saved his life earlier, Reqlin stayed behind while Elyza’s prosthetic ear was being created.

At the library, Manitari and Mushu came upon the frost-covered dragon statues that flank the library doors. Uncomfortable with the horrified looks on the faces of the statues, Manitari painted a happy face on one of the statues with some sort of mystery substance from his body. Mushu was not amused, and went inside. Inside Mushu examined the foyer with Jevith’s statue as well as the books on either side of the room which contained information about The Tragedy from various perspectives. Mushu proceeded up the stairs where he was greeted by the spacey librarian. The satchel she wore contained miscellaneous items, including a spoon, a shirt, and some stained papers. They may have been stained with mustard. Mushu was surprised by the state of this women, and the state that she kept the library in. Meanwhile, Manitari entered the library and picked up the most used book in the foyer. It was a book with a white cover that detailed the history of The Jevith Memorial Library. He read the introduction which provided a great summary of it’s history.

Mushu then proceeded down a set of stairs and found himself in an office. This office was a bit neater than the general library area, but some books were still astray on the desk and floor. Mushu poked around the office for a bit, seeing that most of the books were focused on different types of creatures. Upon further examination of the books, his Greatsword of Warning provided him with warning.. Mushu spun around to see a book slamming towards his face, and quickly ducked out of the way. Soon six books were flying around the room, trying to slam into him and give him serious paper cuts. He grabbed one book and set it on fire with his breathe, and tried to run out of the room. Soon Manitari teleported in, and tried to stun the books so they would stop attacking. While he was successful in stunning one book, he unfortunately also stunned his friend, preventing him from leaving the room.

Fearing for the books’ safety, Manitari extinguished the book that was lit on fire. He proceeded to take down the remaining books before Mushu ceased to be stunned Mushu was quite displeased with Manitari and stormed off. Manitari healed the books and tidied them up, turning on a small desk light before he closed the door behind him. Mushu was quite frustrated by the recent events, and so he confronted the librarian to inform her of what had just gone on, but she seemed like she wasn’t really hearing him. She began to walk towards the office to investigate the books that attacked them, but got distracted before she got there.

Back at The Orange Garden Clinic. Olvash was drying Elyza’s newly formed ear. It is slightly larger than her other ear, and smells quite a bit, but it was well carved and matches her skin tone quite well. Upset with the events that took place at the library, Mushu proposed that Elyza and Reqlin return to the library and see if they can provoke the books to attack. Manitari passionately expressed that they should not pursue this plan. While living in The Underdark, Manitari spent a great deal of time surrounded by books, and so he disliked the idea of upsetting him again. He knows that the books just wanted to protect the office space, and had good intentions. Mushu believes that the books targeted him due to his race, and wants the books investigated so that they can better understand if they will harm others in the future. A heated debate broke out, but eventually Mushu convinced the group that Elyza and Reqlin should check things out. Mushu and Manitari stayed behind with Olvash to have their paper cuts tended to.

Upon arrival at the library, Reqlin quickly spotted the librarian, and was immediately intrigued by her as she is a female elf who is not unattractive Soon after speaking with her however he became aware of how spacey she is, and he lost interest. He and Elyza found the stairs to the office. Wary of being attacked by books, Elyza used her gnome hat and had Reqlin gently place her in the office. As she was not attacked, Reqlin entered the office, and no harm came to him. They carefully explored the office space, and were not harmed. Elyza determined that the books don’t necessarily want to hurt people, but it is their job to protect the office from anyone who might harm it or take things from it. As he examined the desk, Reqlin discovered a piece of parchment that had the word “kid” written in Elvish. There would have been room for more writing on this paper, but he didn’t know what to make of it, so the two of them left, closing the door behind them.

After returning upstairs, the two proceeded to a door at the back of the library. Listening in, Reqlin heard another door beyond this one close. He entered, and didn’t see anyone in the room. Listening in on the other door, he heard the hustle and bustle of the city. He opened the door to see what was on the other side, and saw a dwarf leaving the area. He called out for the dwarf to come back, but the dwarf began to sprint away. Unable to catch up with the dwarf, Elyza transformed into a warhorse with a leather ear, and the two caught up to the drawf quickly. Simply being captured put enough fear into the heart of this dwarf, and he wet himself. Reqlin took his intimidation a bit too far, causing the dwarf to pass out. The two brought the dwarf back to the medic where he woke up. Further interrogation along with supplemental information provided by Olvash revealed that this dwarf is a lowly bandit who was trying to steal valuables from the library. Mushu, who has now been patched up, decided to turn the dwarf into the guard. Upon doing so he spoke with Captain Naalo who expressed that the bandits have been increasing in number lately, but she can’t say if it is at all related to the problems with Traaver Arroway. If she weren’t so focused on Arroway these bandits would be more of a focus for her.

Back at the clinic, Reqlin, in true Treewalker fashion, offered Olvash and warhorse Elyza some wizardz weed, which they both accepted. Having trouble remembering Olvash’s name, Reqlin gave him the nickname “Big O”, which Olvash took to well. They shared stories and got to know each other. Big O provided snacks which included jerky made from cow meat, and orange slices from oranges he grows in his back garden. Reqlin provided Big O with some wizardz weed seedz so that he could try to grow them in his garden. Mushu returned to the clinic, and since they had hotboxed the place, got high as well. Soon the party became quite sleepy, and decided to go to bed for the evening.

The potions of water breathing will be ready in 2-3 days. Manitari has decided to spend this time searching the areas surrounding the city for alchemical ingredients.



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