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Session 23-24 (D7-D8, The Holiday Special)

The group is in the castle still collecting themselves. They go the prison and free a group of guards and then head to the city. The docks are badly damaged and there are no boats in the harbor other than Captain Captain Emmill’s.

The city is in bad shape, many buildings were destroyed or damaged. The team finds a couple who lost their home and their boat for fishing and so Nuluara gives the a little money.

They also find some orphans. Nuluara and Elyza help organize rides on Roger and give each child a piece of Gold.

Manni is flown to the fields to do Grow Plants. Ethan died of excitement for using it for a legitimate purpose.

They check out the stores in city center, including two general stores, an armorer, a alchemist, and an aeronautic store.

Dorin gives a speech on the gallows of the prison camps. He promises to punish those that did this (there were some captives) and rebuild the city. He declares that in a week, there would be a festival to thank H&M for their help and to celebrate rebuilding the city.

The group organizes a place for the orphans in the castle and then is summoned by Mel. She explains that Kris Krinkle has crashed and needs help. Alistar Windwalker will take them in his flying ship.

The depart the next morning and head north. They find Kris and land nearby.

On the way from the landing the the crash, they fight a Yeti. Things are close but they win.

The proceed to the crash and Kris says he needs help finding his pegasi. Requilin heads to the south. He fights and scares away a remorhaz and saves a pegasus. It is difficult but eventually heads back to the camp.

Meanwhile the rest of the group explores the cave near the yeti attack. It is an ice cave and they head in and travel to the end. Giant icicles fall a couple of times but there is no real danger. At the end there is a large room with two ice cells. One has penguins and the other has the pegasus. As they free them, the cave starts to cave in. Nuluara grabs the penguins and runs and the the others follow. Everyone makes it out and they penguins and Pegasus are saved.

There are now enough pegasi that the group can fly, so they ride Carls Jr., Lenny, and Tim Hortons to look around. They find another one that has stumbled between a momma polar bear and her cubs. The group gets it to fly away, making this the lamest challenge.

They then fly East. They eventually come upon a small shack outside of which are some dogs and a pegasus. As the group lands, a half giant, Drif comes out. He is a trapper and intends to sell the pegasus in town next time. The group casts Charmed Person and get him to bet the pegasus for the yeti pelt and horns on a dog sled race. He ultimately loses and turns over the pegasus as long as the group agrees to come back again soon and race him.

With that all of the Pegasi are returned. The sleigh was damaged so Roger stays to help fly it that year, but would be returned. The group is also given a bag of presents for all of the orphans of Rock Peak.

The group returns, leaves the presents on the beds of the orphans and turns in for the night.

Session 21-22 (D5&D6) - Dark and Stormy 5-6

In the morning, Mel gives everyone gifts.

Elyza received the Armor of Evergrowing Vines
Nuluara received the Compass of Magical Truth.
Requilin received the Arrow of the Fateful Wind and the Magical Tank Top.
Manni received the Amulet of Whispering Winds and the Spear of Tree Growth.

Everyone received a Potion of Restoring Water.

The party departed for the Rock.

They sail into Rock Peak Bay and see the city in shambles, and the prison camps. They land on the Rock unopposed and enter the castle.

As they cross the castle courtyard. Partway through, two gargoyles swoop down and attack. The group fends them off with minimal drama. The group gets to the door to the main tower and pauses. Elyza regretfully sends Elyza back to the boat and everyone dons slave outfits except Nulaura, who puts on a priest outfit. She then picks the locks and enters.

The group is able to pass the zombies on the first floor because of the disguises.

The second floor is the old council chambers. It is uninhabited, and has been wrecked. The group proceeds to the door to the third floor. It has a sphinx on it, which comes to life when the group tries to go through. They fail to answer the riddles, but Dorin convinces the door to give them one more chance. They succeed on that and are allowed to pass through.

The third floor has an alter to Melora that has been defaced and replaced with one to the Raven Queen. The group wants to destroy it but can’t to preserve their disguises. They move on.

The fourth floor has 12 sets of armor around the edges of the room. Some have magic in them. The door is heavy and iron, but there is a set of twelve buttons in the center. Pressing the right combination will eventually open the doors. Each failed attempt animates one of the suits to fight them. After four tries, they open it and pass to the next floor.

The fifth floor is the first level of the light house area. It is all glass with a more cat walk feel. A loud voice is projected down into the room. Adimeer offers to trade Delmora (Dorin’s daughter) and his entire kingdom for the Solar Stone, which he implies does more than powers the Lighthouse. Dorin refuses, and also doesn’t understand what Adimeer means about the other powers of the Stone. He thinks Adimeer has gone mad with power. After Dorin refuses, a flock of ravens attack. The group beats them off and proceeds to the sixth level.

Delmora is out of one window. Manni and Requilin race to save her. Manni almost kills her with some boneheaded plan, but doesn’t and Requilin saves her. Dorin, Elyza, Nuluara, and eventually Requilin fight Adimeer and are doing pretty well. Adimeer gains some momentuum, but is distracted by a fake Solar Stone conjured by Manni. He is killed, but as he dies he says that they will face the Raven Queen again.

Everyone is reunited and the group is happy.

Session 20 (D4) - Dark and Stormy 4

The group fights four zombie Orges. Dorin is caught whispering "Rising From The Sea, Blessed By Melora. to his trident. It activates a magical property of some kind. He gets fairly hurt in the battle, but all of the zombies orges are killed.

After the battle, the party asks about Dorin’s trident. He explains that its a family heirloom, that according to legend, it was given to his ancestors as a gift. The group accepts that.

The group heads down into the ship. Nuluara hangs back. She gives Dorin the robe from the priest of Melora that she took on East Island. Dorin looks confused, but accepts it as a gift.

The group goes into the first room. It has bunk beds, a stove, and a set of stairs, but there is nothing else of interest in the room.

The group goes down the stairs. The lower deck is one large room. On one wall, there is another series of bunks where the slave/sailors slept. On the other wall, there are five cells large enough for zombie orges. Four have clearly been damaged and busted out of. The fifth is locked and empty. At the end of the room, there are a bunch of boxes. The group each takes a slave outfit and spare shackle.

After that, Requilin flies Dorin back to Captain Emmil’s ship and the rest of the group comes over. They take a rest for the night. In the morning, the group decides to go take a small peak at Small Peak.

Cookie finds a set of Resonant Stones so the group can take one and he can keep one in case there are problems.

The group sails straight to Small Peak, except for one stop at Wawa. This is Wawa territory.

The group arrives at the west side of the island. There are cliffs, so they anchor the ship and Requilin flies them up. Manni, using Matt the Bat, finds the Ravens that are making the noise and following them. He also finds a path.

The group follows the path. It leads them to a small town. It has a City Hall, a temple, a Fantasy Costco that form a square, and a dozen houses. Out of the other side of town, there is a larger dock, and a small building attending to it.

The group investigates all of the buildings. Elyza finds a map of Rock Point. Nuluara found a set of woodworking tools. Everyone in the group found gold.

Manni also found a painting of a regal looking sea dwarf. It resembles Dorin so he confronts Dorin about it. Dorin explains that he is related to the royal family, and he promises to tell the group soon.

Nuluara also finds a painting in the temple. It is of a priest of Melora, but it has been painted over in dark colors and it has written on it, “I renounce Melora. I turn my life and death over to the Raven Queen.” She destroys it, which pleases Dorin.

Elyza finds a log book at the dock. Its most recent entries read:

About 1 week ago

Boat name Ranselle

Pilot: Male Dwarf Graldham Stonefoot
The pilot reported there was trouble on the Rock Point. Not clear what, but he said that in the middle of the night the town gates were blown open, and there were sounds of battle from within the city and from The Rock. He fled immediately. He is planning on resupplying and then going fishing of Temple Isle. He will check out Rock Point on the way back in with his catch.

About 6 days ago

Boat name Dolphin

Pilot: Female Half Elf – Ebhera Waverider
The ship came from Rock Point. She said there is still more trouble. The lighthouse is out, smoke is coming from The Rock. The fighting has spread to the Royal dockyards. She left before it could spread to the commercial docks. Still unclear what’s happening, but it appears like there is a schism in the royal household.

About three day ago

Boat named: Sulona’s

Pilot: Female Human – Sulona Coast

The ship also fled from Rock Point. Things are bad. The violence seems to have stopped on the Rock. The Duke’s flag fell a few days ago.
Several of the navies ships burned at anchor. Two pulled away and two more slowly got out of anchor and pursued. As they left the ran up a flag with a Raven’s Head on it. A whirlpool appeared and sucked in the back ship and front pursuer. The front ship made it out of the harbor and then who knows.
Then there was an attack on the commercial docks. Sulona reports it was a massive stumbling crowd. It moved slow, seemed uncoordinated except a few leaders who chanted prayers and yelled “All Hail The Raven Queen! All Hail The Raven Queen!” She fled into the bay and attempted to watch from there. Many ships were burned, some set sail and made menacing moves so she fled.

The group decides that they have explored the island enough, that Enya was probably on Rock Peak Island and that they should swing by Temple Island and then move on. Dorin wants to skip Temple Island, he is uncomfortable with it, but agrees because everyone else wants to.

They sail for Temple Island. As the approach, they already realize that its a different island. It has sand beaches, and it small, there’s nothing going on except for the giant sand castle. As they land, a door opens and they are invited in. The group enters, and heads for the open door at the end of the hall.

In it, they meet Melora, the goddess. She reveals that Dorin (Wavebreaker) is the duke of the land. She also explains that the villages were attacked by Adimeer Stonecoast, who used to be one of her priests but now serves the Raven Queen. She lays out a plan to protect them as they sail into the bay with the Rock, so that they can land on the Rock and fight Adimeer, so they don’t have to fight the hordes. She has no idea what creatures are on the Rock because Adimeer is blocking her sight. She admits its not a perfect plan, but its the best she can come up with.

She does offer to give everyone gifts to help in the morning.

Session 19 (D3) - Dark and Stormy 3

Manni tries to take the robes of the dead priest. Dorin and Elyza say its probably not a good idea to disrespect the dead, so he decides not to. Nuluara then decides its worth it. Elyza says as long as Nuluara helps her bury the body, she will allow it. Dorin chimes in that priests of Melora are usually buried at sea.

Requilin takes the body into the air and drops it into the ocean. As it falls, he shoots a flaming arrow at it to cremate the body, and after that plays a song on his lute.

Its very moving, everyone is touched, and the ocean is completely still for a moment, a sign from Melora that she is pleased.

The group searches each of the buildings in the town, and find some gold and Elyza finds a pocket watch but the houses yield no clues and nothing else of value.

Dorin investigates the boat and discovers a map of the islands and that the boat, a sailboat named Dolphin, is in good shape. Requilin flies up and deduces that they are on East Island. Dorin says he has no idea what island Enya is on, so the group decides to search all of them. Manni and Requilin fly around on the carpet shouting for Enya. There is no response.

The group decides to sail to Shipwreck Island.

On the way there, Nuluara attempts to use her Helm of Telepathy to see if there is anyone on the island. She is too far away, but the group notices and grills her on its origins.

She got it while in Bouldergate, and it is of the magic school of divination.

The ship approached the island. There are rocks all around in the water that could easily hurt a ship. And there are quippers in the water. The island itself is a pile or rocks and pebbles. It is a shit hole, described as a floating Philly. But there are two ship wrecks and a whole bunch of assorted wreckage on it.

As the ship approaches, Dorin says he is good at boatmanship because he is a sea dwarf of the clan Ironkeel, who run one of the best shipyards in the world.

The group lands and recognizes one of the wrecks as Captain Emmil’s boat. They rush to it and greeted partway by Murray. He leads them in and they discover Cookie and a dying Captain Emmil. Cookie says they are the only two left and it looks like Emmil will dye soon. Elyza manages to stabilize him, but he will not improve without actual medical attention.

The group moves on to the other boat. Its mast was destroyed when it crashed, but the maiden head was a skeleton.

The group clamors up on board and are immediately confronted with a number of dead sailors. All of them are wearing an iron cuff on their left wrist and all our dead.

After some investigation, the group decides that the cuffs were magical and that somehow they caused the sailors to die. Elyza uses dispell magic and a cuff comes off one of them. It has the Raven Head signet and the number 26 on the inside. The group decides that this is a slave or prison ship.

Manni puts it on his arm, and it does not activate or tighten. Requilin is quite upset at such a reckless risk.

The group goes into what they discover is the captain’s quarters. There is a dead body in purple/black robes behind the desk. He drowned. Nuluara takes his robes as well. He has gold as well. There is also an altar in the quarters. It has incense and a statue of a cloaked woman. The colors match the priest/captains. There is also a prayer book to the Raven Queen on it.

The group decides they have investigated enough. Manni is excited to open the other door via magic, because its blocked by shit. He does and there is a roar from inside. He says oh no and slams the door shut. Four zombie orges Kool-Aid man through and roar again.

Session 18 (D2) - Dark and Stormy 2

Cookie comes out with coffee with rum in it to reward the party for killing the Sahuagin. The Captain is impressed.

The journey continues, and the group asks some questions of Nulara, she is not very forthcoming on information, but it appears she did come from The Continent, and that she has skills that will be useful. She does not say where she went to undergrad at. [Meaghan and I will do a short session to flesh out her relationship to Dorin].

On the sixth day (one day from the Rock Point Islands), the party is eating breakfast in the mess hall, and a sailor comes running in. He says that everyone must report to the deck immediately.

Its dark when the party gets to the deck and there is a storm approaching. Its clearly magical in nature, based on how quickly it formed, and how intense it looks. Captain Emmil says that everyone will need to help do things to ride out the storm.

Requilin takes off in his magic carpet and tends to the sails. He initially does well, but as the storm intensifies, he struggles to stay on his carpet.

While, he is up there, he notices that Dorin is in the sails helping operate them. This is very unusual for a dwarf, and you feel like there is more going on there, but there was no time to investigate.

Nulara mans that cannons. She tried to blow debris out of the water before it hit the ship and damaged it. She started out pretty rough, but eventually figured it out and started protecting the ship better. At some point, she also wears her Helm of Telepathy and discocers the person creating the storm is about a days sail away.

Elyza operates the pump. She has an initial bit of success, but ultimately the water comes on too fast, and she can’t keep up.

Manni used spells and hardwork to repair the damage to the ship. He repairs the first damage but ultimately the storm intensifies and he also can’t keep up.

The storm starts to lessen, and the Captain feels like they’re going to make it. In the lull, the group looks out and sees a ship passing far off in the distance. It is to far for them to interact with, but it has black sails, and a flag with a Raven’s head on it. Dorin confirms that this was not the boat that attacked him earlier, but that it has the same flag.

Then out of no where, the storm intensifies again. Captain Emmil loses control of the ship, the mast starts to break, and everyone passes out.

The party awakens on an island. Dorin is there, he says he rescued all of them and Roger,who an unconscious Elyza was babbling about, on the life boat. There is wreckage all around, but the ship can’t be seen anywhere.

The island itself has pebble beaches, and a large forest of Fantasy Oak. There is a slight path through it, but it is unclear who/what made it. There are also Ravens circling the life boat and party, but they do not attack.

The group decides to proceed down the path, and after walking for about an hour, the path opens up onto another beach. There is a small town there. It has clearly been ransacked, but there is only one building that was destroyed. Requilin does a fly over, and discovers that there is a body outside of the destroyed building. Elyza rushes to it. It is a human and light blue robes, matching the color of a sign that depicts the sign for the goddess of seas and untamed nature, You deduce that this man was a priest for her, but was killed by the Raven Pirate people, because they replaced the sign with a Raven head one.

Elyza tries to speak to some rats that are hanging around. The form a swarm and attack her. The party easily handles it and and no one is really hurt, but Elyza is discouraged.

Session 17 (D1) - Dark and Stormy

The party is drinking at a bar in Skuul, and a waitress delivers Mushu a shot of Dwarven Holy Water. He takes it and goes to speak with her.

While he is gone, a strange dwarf approaches the rest of the group. He is tall for a dwarf, and relatively slight, but has armor with strange fish drawings on it and a trident. He introduces himself as Dorin Ironkeel.

He explains to the group that he was crossing from the Continent, serving as a protector for a friend’s daughter, Eyna. Their ship was caught up in a storm and then attacked by a pirate off the Rock Point Islands. Eyna was taken hostage. He managed to escape and was eventually picked up by another passing ship.

He asked if the group would help him find Eyna. Requlin asked if Dorin would give the group a reward for their service. He agreed to pay them each $150 and said that he had already hired Captain Emil to take them there.

He then takes his leave, and tells the group to meet him in Brekka in two days.

On the way home from the bar, a woman comes running up the street towards the group. She is pursued by two bandits and a bandit. She hides behind the group and the group fights the bandits. She gets hurt, and Manni makes her invisible. After some struggles, the drunk group runs off the bandits, and kills the leader.

She becomes visible and is swooning on the ground. She introduces herself as Nualara. When asked why the bandits were chasing her, she says that they don’t like victims who fight back. Manni is suspicious of her, he has a close in, shifty eye moment, but the group walks her home then returns to the castle.

At the castle, Elyza finds a note from Mushu. He explains that the tiefling was an agent of the Dragon’s Breath, a group dedicated to avenging The Tragedy. She had a lead on a major leader of The Protectors, and was planning to attempt to extract revenge for what he did.

Manni sneaks out of the castle and find Nualara drinking at the hotel bar. He asks her questions about where she came from (the Continent), and what she was doing there (looking for opportunities to make money). Manni offers for her to come with them and she can have some of the money they make, she says maybe, but they make no real plans.

The group spends a day in the woods and Manni finds some alchemy ingredients, and then the group leaves for Brekka.

They go to the dock and see Captain Emil and Murray the parrot, who welcome the party aboard. Not long afterwards, Dorin comes aboard with Nualara. He says her skills might be useful against pirates. When pushed on it, she says she’s good with a rapier.

The ship authoritatively gets underway, and Elyza does the Titanic. While she doing it, she notices a shark following the boat. After investigating the shark, the party is invited to learn some things about the boat by Captain Emil and Dorin, who is up the mast, which seams unusual. Elyza gets up pretty easily, Manni and Requlin struggled, Nualara makes it part way up but slides down. They all learn some notes.

He then shows them some new structural parts of the ship and then the cannons. They all fire the cannon, and Manni shoots his extra arm so he can high five the ocean. They then go down a deck and see a new pump that Captain Emil had installed.

The party tried to find some booze, and discover Cookie has some, but the group decides to just go to sleep.

When they wake up, they have breakfast, eggs and some stuff, and then up on deck. They go up to on deck and check for sharks. There are two, but while they’re watching, three Shaguagin jump on deck. They fight, Elyza almost passes out, but eventually they win. Captain Emil and Dorin come out and say thanks. Sailors push the dead bodies over the edge.

Session 16

Brief Summary

Detailed Summary

After being stabbed in the gut by Mushu’s poisoned blade, Arroway fell unconscious. Mushu tied up Arroway and retrieved the warhorn while the party tied all their rope together and descended down the tree, one by one. Instead of taking the rope. Manitari took advantage of his umbrella-like headshape and floated down from the tree house, Mary Poppins-style. After reaching the ground, they retraced their steps and returned to Brekka. They greeted Roger with carrots that made him the most happy he had ever been.

The group found beds for the evening, and Mushu slept in the castle. guarding Arroway in the a jail cell. The next morning they headed to Skuuld leaving Jamond andArroway’s other prisoner behind. On the road a group of bandits tried to ambush them, but the greatsword of warning altered the party of the danger and the bandits were dealt with swiftly. At the conclusion of the battle, the two Arroway hostages caught up to them on foot, however the party soon took off towards Skuuld on horseback, leaving them behind.

The team brought Arroway to Captain Naalo, who was overjoyed by their success. She shared that she wished to celebrate their achievement later this evening, and they agreed that they would remain in Skuuld for at least that length of time. She also asked if their group had a name. They revealed that they are called The H&M. Secretly it stands for Three Humanoids and a Mushroom, but they don’t share that with many.

While awaiting their celebration, the group headed to The Blacksmith, who kept his word and provided each party member with a magic item of their choosing from his shop. Mushu returned to the castle to speak with Mina to see if she can transfer the magic from the Greatsword of Warning into the Flame Tongue, the new, more magical sword he received from The Blacksmith. She informed him that she did think it was possible, but would take her some time, and he expressed that this would work well with his schedule.

Meanwhile, Manitari and the rest of the party decided to head to The Black Cauldron to check in on Jamond post-kidnapping. Upon arrival however, he was nowhere to be found. Manitari proceeded into the back room where he spoke with Nelebrie. He informed her in a very roundabout and confusing way that Jamond had been kidnapped by Arroway but that they had since rescued him and he was safe. Nelebrie, shocked by this new information lashed out at Manitari for more information, which he only kind of provided. Manitari then left to forage for alchemical ingredients in the forest. On his way back to Brekka he encountered Jamond and the other hostage, and informed them that they should both check in with Nelebrie because she is very worried about them. Sadly, his brief foraging excursion was unsuccessful. This may be because Manitari’s player was eating weird chicken taco pringles at the time.

Elyza begins to notice that since spending time in the Jaro Bay, the smell of her ear had increased, and it had sogged slightly.

The H&M then proceeded to the celebration. They were greeted by Captain Naalo who led them to the stage. The group noticed some recognizable individuals in the crowd, including:

Captain Naalo proceeded to give her speech:

“Today we recognize four brave individuals who have saved the entire region from the torment of a dragonborn named ”/characters/traaver-arroway" class=“wiki-content-link”>Traaver Arroway. These brave men and women came to our aide when we needed it most. They are not from here. They had no obligation to dedicate their time and energy to our cause, but they did so without thought. May we all strive to embody the ideals of courage, benevolence, and selflessness as they do."

The audience clapped

“I would now like to introduce our four honourees:

Elyza has dedicated her life to caring for others. Before becoming an adventurer, she ran an orphanage, and spent her days caring for children without families, in the hopes of giving them a better life. In the hunt for Arroway she used her incredible druidic talents to obtain information on his location. Elyza, thank you for all that you have done for Skuuld and Brekka. Please step forward.

Captain Naalo pinned a cloak to Elyza. The cloak was the same as the one that The Captain wears; a long green cloak embroidered with the image of a lion, except Elyza’s was customised with the image of a crescent moon.

“I am pleased to make you an honourary member of the Skuuld guard.”

“An Alchemist by trade, ”/characters/manitari" class=“wiki-content-link”>Manitari’s skills assisted our alchemists at The Black Cauldron in creating the potions needed to take Arroway’s main source of power away. A creature of simple needs, he is often content with a bowl of juice and some moist soil to soak his feet in. Today however, let us show him our appreciation with this feast! Please step forward."

Manitari teleported forward, and the crowd applauded. Captain Naalo pinned a similar cloak onto Manitari, but his was customised with the symbol of the Alchemist’s guild.

“I am pleased to make you an honourary member of the Skuuld guard. "

“”/characters/mushu" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mushu Dragonocleas Knobi. When you arrived we did not welcome you to our city. We questioned your motives, but you helped us all the same. During their battle with Arroway, Mushu’s brave actions separated Arroway from the rest of the group, allowing Arroway’s hostages to be quickly saved. He also strategically delivered the final blow that left Arroway unconscious. Please step forward."

She pinned another similar cloak onto Mushu, customised with an embroidered flame. Mushu saluted The Captain and she saluted in return.

“”/characters/reqlin-treewalker" class=“wiki-content-link”>Reqlin Treewalker. Another individual who was misjudged from the start…by me personally. What I didn’t know at our first meeting is that Reqlin is honourable, fun, and is a damn good shot. Reqlin’s archery skills were invaluable in fighting off the numerous Sahuagin attacks on the shores of Brekka, and it was his arrows that initiated the battle against Arroway where he was taken down. Reqlin is an elf, who I am happy to call my friend. Please step forward."

Reqlin’s cloak was customised with an embroidered bow and arrow. Following Mushu’s lead, he salutes The Captain as well.

The H&M then left the stage, and the feast began. An entire roasted cow was served to the guests along with potatoes, rice, bread vegetables, and a wide array of beverages. A Manitari corner was also set up, where a stack of bowls sat next to a moist pot of soil.

They spoke with many guests that evening. After eating too much, Reqlin noticed a new saddle on Roger: a green saddle with the lion of Skuuld, and a small embroidered apple. Roger then showed Reqlin the new trick that Mina taught him; briefly standing with his front two legs about a foot off the ground.

Mushu was in a good mood, and playfully asked Reqlin is he was going to make a move on Captain Naalo that evening. Reqlin felt that she had made it clear to him that they were only friends, and he’d tried enough in the past. Mushu nudged him some more, and so Reqlin asked Mina if she thought he had any chance with Captain Naalo, to which she exclaimed “Absolutely not!”

Continuing his playful streak, Mushu approached Lozu and informed him that Elyza had recently experienced a lot in the forest, and that she really wanted to talk to him about it. Lozu quickly rushed over and asked to hear about it all, but first offered Elyza some wine, which she accepted. While he was getting the wine, Elyza ran away and used her gnome hat, while Manitari created an illusion of Elyza. The illusion was so lifelike and into him that Lozu noticed no difference and happily listened to the illusion Elyza. However as the spell’s magic ran out, illusion Elyza ran from the castle and disappeared into Skuuld, leaving Lozu to chase after her.

Elyza then began to wonder what would happen to Traaver Arroway now that he was in custody, and so the group approached Captain Naalo to discuss it. She shared that there would be a trial at noon tomorrow, and that he would likely be hanged. The group also shared that [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] had taken prisoners, and fetched them so that Captain Naalo could speak with them. The group learned that the second prisoner was Lasark, assistant librarian at the Jevith Memorial Library. He shared that [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] was trying to gain control of Brekka and The Jaro Bay so that he could gain power over the region, but also because he thought water was cool. Captain Naalo asked the prisoners, as well as The H&M to attend the trial tomorrow, and give statements.

At the trial, the group learned that Captain Naalo had kidnapped Lasark because he was researching the Sahuagin. Lasark studied at the Centre for the Enhancement Of Lexicology, and was able to speak Sahuagin. He wanted to learn more about the various languages he knew how to speak, and so he was researching the Sahuagin. [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] found out about this and assumed that Lasark was a threat, and so he kidnapped him. Jamond was kidnapped because of his ability to create the potions of water breathing, which [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] thought might be cool and helpful. The trial concluded, and [[:traaver-arroway Arroway]] was found guilty, and was hanged.

Session 15

Brief Summary

The group returned to the Aquatic Elves home where they ate a celebratory feast. Leena discussed with the group her desire to leave the Aquatic Elves and find her family, and the group agreed that this was a valid quest. Upon leaving the Aquatic Elves, the group were ambushed by the angry shark friends of the Sahuagin.

Upon returning to Brekka they heard the warhorn sound, but no Sahuagin appeared. They decided to quickly head after Traaver Arroway, since it was clear the sound had come from the west. Landa was happy to accompany them. A bird and squirrel aided them, and they soon came upon a forest that had been entirely cut down, save for one 200-foot-tall tree with a tree house at the top. Elyza transformed into a rat and climbed up the tree. She soon returned to the group and was fairly certain that Arroway was inside this tree house.

Firing arrows at the tree house alerted Arroway to their presence, but Mushu was quick to jump on the rope ladder that Arroway had begun to pull inside. Soon the group was climbing the tree, and Arroway pelted them with various objects. There were a few falls, but luckily no one fell to their death.

Upon reaching the tree house the group soon realised that Arroway had two hostages precariously tied to tree branches. However there was nothing they could do, as Arroway soon attacked. With Mushu’s quick thinking the fight was cut short; he threw Arroway out the window! But at the last second, Arroway was able to grab onto a tree branch and save himself from the deadly fall. Seeing this, Mushu followed, leaping out the window and grabbing onto the same branch. He chased after Arroway, coating his blade with poison. Seeing this Arroway stopped running and turned around, only to be stabbed by Mushu and falling to the ground. The group that remained in the tree house was able to free the prisoners.

Detailed Summary

After a long and hard-fought battle against the Sahuagin, the party looted the Sahuagin base and found 4831 GP worth of coins and art, as well as a +1 Wand of the War Mage for Mani and Pipes of Haunting for Reqlin.

Narissa then invited the group back to their home for a celebratory feast, which the team gladly took part in. While waiting for the feast to be ready, the group was approached by Leena, who told them that she was considering leaving the Aquatic Elves behind to seek out her family. The group weighed in, and encouraged Leena to head to land to pursue this task. Elyza proposed that Leena could help out at her orphanage if she lacked meaning in her life once on land, and Leena agreed that this would be a great use of her time. Then the group feasted on freshly caught fish and seaweed salad. After much out-of-game deliberation it was decided that the underwater celebratory drink of choice was flavoured oil which when freed from its container could be consumed by the droplet.

After saying their goodbyes the party left the Aquatic Elves, but were quickly ambushed by four sharks, which they disposed on easily. Elyza helped Mani harvest 10 shark teeth.

As they approached Brekka, Reqlin greeted Roger, who was waiting for them on the shore. Roger, as usual was confused by most of the information that the party gave him about what happened under the sea, but he was relieved that there would be no more attacks by the Sea Wenches. Soon the warhorn sounded, causing Landa to rush from her home, only to see that no Sahuagin were summoned. The group had succeeded in removing the power from the warhorn by exterminating all of the Sahugin in the area. After briefly deliberating the group decided to take a short rest and then immediately head in the direction of the warhorn (west). Landa was happy to accompany them.

The path through the western area quickly disappeared, and Elyza was left to search for tracks that might belong to Arroway. She found three paths and wasn’t able to descern which path to follow, and so she enlisted the help of a nearby bird named George. George recalled seeing a Dragonborn man and lead them in the direction that he had headed. He led them partway through a forest before being unsure of the direction Arroway had headed. Soon Reqlin spotted a net trap, which he triggered from a distance with a stick. Unsure of the next direction, Elyza recruited a squirrel whose name was never obtained. He negotiated payment for his services, and Elyza promised him ten nuts. Chasing after the squirrel was not difficult, however the group failed to continue to keep an eye out for traps, and Elyza tripped over a wire and was struck with a cleaver. From then on the group spotted all traps that were set, and triggered them from afar with sticks. The unnamed squirrel lead them all the way to the edge of the forest, where he was promptly rewarded with what turned out to be an overwhelming amount of nuts.

Now at the edge of the forest, the group could see a 200 foot tall tree with a treehouse at its top. On the ground the tree was surrounded by trees just as tall that had been chopped to the ground. The group suspected that Arroway was likely inside the treehouse, but wanted to be sure. Elyza decided to turn into a rat and climbed up the tree to investigate. Though she was unable to climb all the way up, she got close enough to catch a familiar scent: Dragonborn. She returned to the group and informed them that there was likely a Dragonborn inside.

After setting some arrows aflame, Reqlin attempted to shoot them into the window of the treehouse. He initially missed horribly, but his next two arrows were able to pierce the window frame of the nearest window. The distance however, caused the flames to go out before reaching their destination. These arrows caught the attention of whoever was inside of the treehouse, and they began to pull the rope ladder that lead from treehouse to ground up inside. Mushu sprinted towards the ladder and leaped at it, but missed and skidded into the tree. Luckily he was able to get to his feet and grab the ladder before it was out of reach.

The rest of the party quickly followed Mushu’s lead, and soon the entire party was on the ladder. After this, the person above dropped the ladder and began to throw things at the party, including blocks of wood, butter knives, an axe, some rocks, and daggers. These items caused Mushu, Manitari, and Elyza to fall from the ladder at various times during their climb. Mushu was saved when Elyza was able to entangle him in vines. Reqlin was able to grab onto Manitari’s light frame and swing him back onto the ladder. Mushu caught Elyza and swung her onto his back, where she remained for the rest of the climb. Mushu attempted to throw an axe back at Arroway, and was successful in throwing it into the treehouse, but not in hitting Traaver.

Once inside, the party heard screams coming from the two windows. Elyza quickly rushed to one, and a halfling man named Lasark was tied to a tree branch. From the other window, Elyza could see Jamond in a similar situation. Arroway quickly attacked the group, and did enough damage to knock Manitari unconscious. Mushu’s quick thinking allowed him to burn the rope ladder before tossing Arroway down the hole in the floor. At the last moment, ten feet from certain death, Arroway was able to grab onto a tree branch, which he hopped off of before starting to run away. Mushu then jumped down after him, managing to also grab the same branch. He coated his blade with Oil of Taggit Seeing this, Arroway stopped in his tracks and turned to Mushu, but Mushu didn’t hesitate, and stabbed him in the gut. Before dropping to the ground, Arroway asked “why’d you stab me?”

Back in the treehouse, Manitari and Elyza were able to free the two prisoners from the weak branches that they were tied to.

Session 14

Brief Summary

Potions obtained
Riddles solved
Information obtained
Sahuagin killed
Elves convinced
Tons of Sahugin killed

I will write this for real later.

Detailed Summary

The party passed the time waiting for the potions of water breathing to be made. Manitari foraged for alchemical ingredients during this time.

The party then proceeded to The Black Cauldron to retrieve the potions of water breathing. Upon arrival, Jamond was not at his usual spot behind the desk so the party proceeded to the back where they obtained the potions from Nelebrie, the head alchemist. She told them that Jamond hadn’t shown up to work in a few days. She also suggested that the party return to Captain Naalo, as she had some information for them.

Upon returning to The Captain her office was astray, and she appeared flustered to the group. She seemed disappointed when the party informed her that the potions were ready. She shared that she has no idea how they are going to convince the water elves to help them. She has tried to get information from the scholar that they recruited, but she can’t get any information out of him and is at her wit’s end. She agreed that it couldn’t hurt for the party to try to talk to him.

They headed to The Jevith Memorial Library where they encountered the librarian speaking with a man who they assumed to be the scholar, Mercius. For the first time, it appears that the librarian is actually keeping up a conversation with this man, which the group found quite astonishing. When they approached however and the conversation halted, the librarian quickly took off.

The group introduced themselves to Mercius, explained their reason for seeking him out. Mercius however did not introduce himself, and simply asked the party a riddle. They solved it quite easily, and proceeded to answer two more riddles, after which, Mercius spoke with them freely. The group learned that Mercius holds himself in high regard, and doesn’t want to waste his time speaking with individuals who can’t solve simple riddles. Unfortunately, Mercius wasn’t able to provide the party with a surefire way to gain the trust of Aquatic elves, but he was able to provide them with information that might help them along. He told them that the only outsiders who he has known that have gained entry into the Aquatic Elf Kingdom have been traders. The elves are known to trade pearls for magic items. He also informed them that they are friends with dolphins, and that while as a group the elves will always support their leader, they may be swayed individually. Mercius had soon had enough of talking with the party, and left.

The group returned to The Captain who was astonished to hear that they were able to get information out of Mercius. When the party shared Mercius’s conversational criteria with The Captain, she admitted that she had never attempted to answer the riddles, and just got frustrated with the man immediately. The group inquired about any magic items that The Captain might have at her disposal that they could use to trade with the elves to gain their trust. The Captain couldn’t think of anything off the top of her head, but planned to ask the guards. The party decided to go find Mina, which surprised the DM greatly, as she suspected the group may forget about both her, and Roger. The party proceeded to The Jungle where the owner, Thrinarv, promptly fetched Mina who had spent all three days there. Upon returning to The Captain she had not been able to locate any magic items that she could provide the party with, but Mina suggested that the potions they had in their possession may be magical enough to impress the elves. The party agreed, and proceeded to Brekka.

On their way to Brekka, the party heard the sound that they dreaded most, Traaver Arroway’s warhorn. They rushed towards Brekka and found Landa, Rarder and Rione’s daughter, taking on a group of Sahuagin. She asked them to head to the dock, as another group of Sahuagin were approaching, and insisted that she could handle the current group of Sahuagin on her own. The party raced by her on horseback, expertly sniping down each Sahuagin that attacked her as they road by. At Landa’s instruction the group was able to avoid the traps that they had laid and swiftly took out the remaining Sahuagin. After the battle, the group learned from Landa that Rione had left Brekka, leaving Landa alone. Landa insisted that she will be just fine on her own, and Mina convinced the party that Landa has been training as a monk, and is perfectly capable of looking after herself. Reqlin’s dislike for Rione continued to grow.

The party was then ready to make their descent into the bay, and finally meet with the The Aquatic elves. Manitari grabbed a rock, which he used to help his lightweight body sink to the bottom of the bay. The group spotted the magnificent pink coral reef known to be the home to the elves, and were soon greeted by a pair of dolphins. Elyza explained their reason for visiting the elves to the dolphins, but the dolphins were not sure what the aquatic elf leader would make of the group, and so they delivered them to her.

The dolphins lead the group through the twists and turns of the reef that the elves had carved into their home. They eventually arrived at a throne room where a female aquatic elf, two male aquatic elves, and two aquatic elf children were relaxing. The female proceeded to take the throne, and introduced herself as Narissa. The group explained their situation to her, and shared that if the aquatic elves helped the party defeat the Sahuagin that their home would be safe from future Sahuagin attacks. Narissa explained that the Sahuagin hadn’t attacked them very frequently lately, which the group attributed to the Sahuagin’s new preoccupation for attacking Brekka instead. During this discussion, Reqlin noticed a female eavesdropping on their conversation from outside the room. At the conclusion of the discussion, Narissa asked them for half an hour in private to discuss things with her advisor. The room emptied, leaving Narissa alone with one of the males.

Reqlin went to speak with the spying female, whose name is Leena. She explained that she heard them discussing the Sahuagin, which piqued her interest. She shared that when she was young she was taken prisoner by the Sahuagin, and so she knows a great deal about their community and culture. Leena informed them that the Sahuagin worship sharks, and in time the party realised that the warhorn was likely designed to sound like a shark’s call. Discussing these topics was difficult for Leena, but she shared her knowledge willingly. She seemed intrigued by Reqlin in some way. Leena gave the group a tour of the reef, introducing the party to Narissa’s partner Jacques, and their two children Orta and three-year-old Marilla who expresses to Elyza that the best strategy would be to just kill all the Sahuagin.

Soon the male aquatic elf left the throne room, and the party spoke with him as well. He introduces himself as Shar, Narissa’s second in command. Though he didnt tell them directly, the party learned over time that Shar has strong feelings for Narissa and would go out of his way if he felt like it would impress her.

The group reconvened in the throne room and though it took a bit more convincing, Narissa agreed to help the party. They decided that the best plan of action would be to infiltrate the Sahuagin’s home and defeat the tribe, causing there to be no more Sahuagin remaining for the warhorn to summon. The group, including, Narissa, Shar, fighter-in-training Orta, as well as five aquatic elf fighters proceeded to storm the Sahuagin home. The battle was long and grueling. Shar’s need to impress Narissa nearly got him killed, but he was eventually healed and convinced to stay out of combat for a short time. Orta did surprisingly well. Close calls were had, but eventually the group succeeded in taking down all of the Sahuagin, as well as their leader. Oh, and Elyza turned into a shark, which was really confusing for them when she attacked.

Session 13

Brief Summary

The party headed to the medic to get Elyza’s ear reattached. There they met Olvash, an unusual looking green dragonborn who wears a pink wig. He cannot reattach Elyza’s ear and so offers to make a prosthetic one out of a tree bark poultice.

Manitari and Mushu leave Reqlin and Elyza behind and head to The Jevith Memorial Library. Manitari quickly upsets Mushu by altering the statues outside the library, and Mushu storms inside. He quickly meets the mess of a librarian before heading downstairs. He finds a slightly less messy office and starts to explore, but soon his Greatsword of Warning alerts him to danger and he is able to dodge an attack from… a book?!

Mushu lights one of the books on fire and makes a break for the door, but before he can escape Manitari teleports into the room dramatically. Not wanting to harm the books, he stuns them, unfortunately stunning Mushu in the process and preventing his escape. Manitari is able to subdue the books just as Mushu becomes unstunned. He storms off again, and pressure between the two party members builds.

The two return to the medic to get patched up after their book battle. A heated argument breaks out when Mushu suggests that Reqlin and Elyza should head to the library to see if the books attack them. Mushu believes that he was targeted by the books because of his race. Manitari expresses his extreme dislike for this plan, revealing that books were his main companion during his time in the underdark. He explains that he doesn’t want the books provoked or harmed, but eventually the group decides to proceed with Mushu’s plan.

Upon arrival at the library Reqlin is initially intrigued by the female elf at the library, but soon realises she is crazy and he calms down. Reqlin and Elyza cautiously enter the office and are not attacked. Elyza intuits that the books aren’t attacking because they don’t believe the office is in danger. The two head back upstairs, and enter a back room. Just as they approach, they hear someone leave. Reqlin spots a dwarf quickly leaving from the back door, and a chase ensues. Elyza becomes a warhorse and the two quickly catch up to the terrified dwarf, who wets himself before passing out.

They return the dwarf to the medic where they learn that he is part of a group of bandits. Mushu brings him to the guard, and Captain Naalo who hasn’t had time to deal with the bandits with all her focus on Arroway. While Mushu is gone, the party, including warhorse Elyza smoke some wizardz weed, eat snacks, and share stories. Reqlin nicknames Olvash “Big O” and gives him some wizardz weed seedz to grow in his orange garden. Mushu returns and gets high from being in the room. The party soon head to bed.

They spend 3 more days in the city, passing the time until the potions of water breathing are created. Manitari spends his time searching the area for alchemical ingredients.

Detailed Summary

The party decided to proceed to the medic to get Elyza’s ear reattached. They arrived at The Orange Garden Clinic and met Olvash, the town medic. Upon examining Elyza’s head, Olvash determined that there wasn’t enough flesh on her head for him to reattach the ear. He offered her many options, including the fashioning of a hat or helmet to cover the area, as well as a prosthetic ear made out of a tree bark poultice. Elyza elected for the poultice option. As the medic was doing his work, Manitari and Mushu decided to go visit The Jevith Memorial Library. Feeling more responsible for the safety of Elyza since she saved his life earlier, Reqlin stayed behind while Elyza’s prosthetic ear was being created.

At the library, Manitari and Mushu came upon the frost-covered dragon statues that flank the library doors. Uncomfortable with the horrified looks on the faces of the statues, Manitari painted a happy face on one of the statues with some sort of mystery substance from his body. Mushu was not amused, and went inside. Inside Mushu examined the foyer with Jevith’s statue as well as the books on either side of the room which contained information about The Tragedy from various perspectives. Mushu proceeded up the stairs where he was greeted by the spacey librarian. The satchel she wore contained miscellaneous items, including a spoon, a shirt, and some stained papers. They may have been stained with mustard. Mushu was surprised by the state of this women, and the state that she kept the library in. Meanwhile, Manitari entered the library and picked up the most used book in the foyer. It was a book with a white cover that detailed the history of The Jevith Memorial Library. He read the introduction which provided a great summary of it’s history.

Mushu then proceeded down a set of stairs and found himself in an office. This office was a bit neater than the general library area, but some books were still astray on the desk and floor. Mushu poked around the office for a bit, seeing that most of the books were focused on different types of creatures. Upon further examination of the books, his Greatsword of Warning provided him with warning.. Mushu spun around to see a book slamming towards his face, and quickly ducked out of the way. Soon six books were flying around the room, trying to slam into him and give him serious paper cuts. He grabbed one book and set it on fire with his breathe, and tried to run out of the room. Soon Manitari teleported in, and tried to stun the books so they would stop attacking. While he was successful in stunning one book, he unfortunately also stunned his friend, preventing him from leaving the room.

Fearing for the books’ safety, Manitari extinguished the book that was lit on fire. He proceeded to take down the remaining books before Mushu ceased to be stunned Mushu was quite displeased with Manitari and stormed off. Manitari healed the books and tidied them up, turning on a small desk light before he closed the door behind him. Mushu was quite frustrated by the recent events, and so he confronted the librarian to inform her of what had just gone on, but she seemed like she wasn’t really hearing him. She began to walk towards the office to investigate the books that attacked them, but got distracted before she got there.

Back at The Orange Garden Clinic. Olvash was drying Elyza’s newly formed ear. It is slightly larger than her other ear, and smells quite a bit, but it was well carved and matches her skin tone quite well. Upset with the events that took place at the library, Mushu proposed that Elyza and Reqlin return to the library and see if they can provoke the books to attack. Manitari passionately expressed that they should not pursue this plan. While living in The Underdark, Manitari spent a great deal of time surrounded by books, and so he disliked the idea of upsetting him again. He knows that the books just wanted to protect the office space, and had good intentions. Mushu believes that the books targeted him due to his race, and wants the books investigated so that they can better understand if they will harm others in the future. A heated debate broke out, but eventually Mushu convinced the group that Elyza and Reqlin should check things out. Mushu and Manitari stayed behind with Olvash to have their paper cuts tended to.

Upon arrival at the library, Reqlin quickly spotted the librarian, and was immediately intrigued by her as she is a female elf who is not unattractive Soon after speaking with her however he became aware of how spacey she is, and he lost interest. He and Elyza found the stairs to the office. Wary of being attacked by books, Elyza used her gnome hat and had Reqlin gently place her in the office. As she was not attacked, Reqlin entered the office, and no harm came to him. They carefully explored the office space, and were not harmed. Elyza determined that the books don’t necessarily want to hurt people, but it is their job to protect the office from anyone who might harm it or take things from it. As he examined the desk, Reqlin discovered a piece of parchment that had the word “kid” written in Elvish. There would have been room for more writing on this paper, but he didn’t know what to make of it, so the two of them left, closing the door behind them.

After returning upstairs, the two proceeded to a door at the back of the library. Listening in, Reqlin heard another door beyond this one close. He entered, and didn’t see anyone in the room. Listening in on the other door, he heard the hustle and bustle of the city. He opened the door to see what was on the other side, and saw a dwarf leaving the area. He called out for the dwarf to come back, but the dwarf began to sprint away. Unable to catch up with the dwarf, Elyza transformed into a warhorse with a leather ear, and the two caught up to the drawf quickly. Simply being captured put enough fear into the heart of this dwarf, and he wet himself. Reqlin took his intimidation a bit too far, causing the dwarf to pass out. The two brought the dwarf back to the medic where he woke up. Further interrogation along with supplemental information provided by Olvash revealed that this dwarf is a lowly bandit who was trying to steal valuables from the library. Mushu, who has now been patched up, decided to turn the dwarf into the guard. Upon doing so he spoke with Captain Naalo who expressed that the bandits have been increasing in number lately, but she can’t say if it is at all related to the problems with Traaver Arroway. If she weren’t so focused on Arroway these bandits would be more of a focus for her.

Back at the clinic, Reqlin, in true Treewalker fashion, offered Olvash and warhorse Elyza some wizardz weed, which they both accepted. Having trouble remembering Olvash’s name, Reqlin gave him the nickname “Big O”, which Olvash took to well. They shared stories and got to know each other. Big O provided snacks which included jerky made from cow meat, and orange slices from oranges he grows in his back garden. Reqlin provided Big O with some wizardz weed seedz so that he could try to grow them in his garden. Mushu returned to the clinic, and since they had hotboxed the place, got high as well. Soon the party became quite sleepy, and decided to go to bed for the evening.

The potions of water breathing will be ready in 2-3 days. Manitari has decided to spend this time searching the areas surrounding the city for alchemical ingredients.


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